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A view from the west side of the building looking down from a third floor window. These windows would have been towards that back of the building on the west side, somewhat above the kitchen area.

A door to nothing in particular it appears. It kind of reminds one of some of the interior pictures of the Titanic after it was located.

One striking thing about the third floor is how open it is. While there are plenty of 2x4s most of the interior walls have been removed. You can see by the bare 2x4s where walls used to be thus you are able to determine the layouts of the various rooms as they once were. These particular windows should be the ones facing Broadway. The three group set of windows should be facing Broadway direct while the two window group should be in the center of the third floor facing the Kent State U. parking Lot.

These windows are the double windows facing East Fourth Street at the western end of the front of the building.

A hole in the roof, this was the area on the west side of the building where a chimney once stood. It collapsed a few years ago.

We didn't go up that ladder or explore where it went. As you can tell from the next picture, it looked like a very tight space.

A very small opening and not sure what was up there.

There were three doorways side by side. This picture shows two of them. If you look real close to the extreme upper left of this picture you can see the top of the ladder that is so noticeable in the following picture.

This is the third doorway a couple feet to the left of the other two.

PNB Smith Auto Part 8


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