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On March 11, 2012 the usual suspects of the photographing team for the ELHS Web Site set out to photograph the interior of the Emporium on East 5th Street in downtown ELO.

THat didn't pan out. The folks who owned that building, at that time, had something come up and wasn't able to let us in.

Jeff Langdon and another decided rather than waste the day we would check out the Old Hill road. Since the rock slide the previous fall they had cleared that away and scraped the old road clearing out the brush and such quite a bit.

We began our journey from the eastern end of the road, maybe 300 yards or so from the intersection of Mulberry Street and Penna Ave.

Walk along with us and enjoy.

To fully appreciate this journey be sure to refer back to those pictures of what the road looked like when it was a road used by hundreds, probably, with daily Crucible Steel traffic 3 times a day, thousands of motorists a day over the years.

They had scraped away a lot of the brush and dead trees and the like to get access to the rock slide area from both directions, the western end, i.e. Thompson Ave, Ravine Street area and the eastern end. the East End approach which we took on this day.

THat is the old roadway you are looking at. WHen it was a functioning road it was wider. The constriction of the four lane below it and the build up of almost 40 years of debris in places have narrowed the shelf the road sat on some.

In some places they either didn't scrape all the way to the concrete of the old road or actually dug it up some.

Up ahead on the west side of this fence and gate were some deer this day running and playing. We tried to capture them with the cameras but they sure do move fast.

A big dog paw print or something. Maybe we don't really want to know what the something might have been.

Here it appears they dug out the center leaving a trough for water to drain down and piled up dirt along the side maybe to catch any falling rocks and debris in the future and prevent it from going down on the 4 lane below.

The water pipes from the river to feed the old reservoir.

One of the old water pipes going up the face of the rock above the old road.

Approaching where the rock slide took place and where they stabilized the hillside.

Pa. Ave. (Old Hill Road)6


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