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To the left.

To the left. In this picture, in the blue shirt is Rich Feldman. One of our hosts and man who gave us permission to do this. With him is Joe Ruffner, one of our regular photographers. Up above on the left is Juanita RuffNer, another of our regular photographers and on the right in that upper portion is Jeff Langdon, another of our regular photographers.

To the right. Notice that one portion of wall that seems sort of framed? We will get back to that in a moment.

"I was so glad they let us take pictures of it. I have never seen one in person and only read about how it was stored. I really liked the bells on the plate and the golden fringe around the edges." Text and picture Courtesy of Jeff Langdon.

Courtesy of Jeff Langdon.

One of the lights that hang from the ceiling.

A nice view of the back wall or the Monroe Street Wall. Far left Rich Feldman. Slightly to the right and further back is Jeff Langdon. Center is Joe Ruffner and Juanita Ruffner to the far right.

If you walk through that door on the right at the end of the aisle you will enter into are of the stairs to that upper section at the western end of the Sanctuary, Also gain access to the Rabbi's Study, classrooms, etc. You notice also from this picture that framed wall. Come along you will see what is on the other side of that wall too.

When you walk through that door at the end of the Sanctuary and look to the right you see this. You are facing the Rabbi's study/office.

If you look to the left you see these steps.

Let's follow them.

The "loft."

An organ.

The Jewish Temples of East Liverpool 5


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