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Both our hosts are visible in this picture. I won't tease anymore. See the next picture. Before you do that notice that framed section of wall. In several of the churches that were built in the very early 1900's in downtown East Liverpool we have found that certain portions of the walls could be raised or in one case could be lowered to allow for enlarging the sanctuary when there was an especially large crowd. This framed section of that wall once upon a time could be raised for that purpose.

Our other host. Dr. Herschel Rubin. The oldest living member of this Temple. Dr. Rubin is 96 years young (2012).

Courtesy of Jeff Langdon.

Looking up at the West (back) wall of the room we have this beautiful window.

It is always tricky photographing windows in the Daylight but this give a little better view of the colors in the window.

Lets go back down.

Back down on the first floor we can pass through a couple doors and enter into a long room. This is the other side of that wall that could be lifted. That framed portion of the wall.

You can see the other part of that framed movable portion of the wall. This is looking from the east end to the west end of that room.

This is reversed, looking from the west end to the east end of that same room.



A closer look

You notice that some names have a light on beside the name. We will attempt to explain our understanding of what Rich Feldman told us about that. If we are incorrect, hopefully someone can set us correct.

When they have services they will screw in the bulbs thus turning on the light beside that name to honor those who most recently had passed on.



Some other pictures

Courtesy of Jeff Langdon

We hope you enjoyed your tour and we thank Rich Feldman and Dr. Rubin for allowing us to take you on this tour and for being such great hosts.


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