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Same doorway mentioned in the last picture in the last article.

Looking all the way through you see a room and a doorway into a hallway.

Notice that window? We will see it again, but from the other side, in a few minutes.

Turning around and looking back from where we came.

Passing into the hallway, on the right is a stairway that eventually leads to East 5th Street. However, notice the landing. See that skinny little door?

Standing on that landing looking out what that door covers you see this is the view.

Looking down gives this view.

Turning around looking down the stairway. The door to East 5th Street.

On the right is that window I told you were would see again but from the other side. Across from it is a window on the original west wall. It is closed over from the outside now.

Back at the top of the stairs a hallway.

Here we are where the hallway from the steps down to 5th Street meets the center front to back hallway in the house. To the left there is the pocket doors separating the center hallway and the front center room overlooking 5th Street.

Looking back from where we just came you get to meet Juanita Ruffner.

This should look familiar. This is the Pocket Doors in the Center front room.

If you turn around and look down the hallway towards where we first came in and where the bathroom is you would see Mrs. Brookes, Tim's mother looking into the last room yet to explore in this house. Karl Fife is the gentleman standing on the other side of the hallway.

Entering that room you see a window on the right a fireplace in the center and a door on the left.

The window is in the western outside wall on the second floor of the house. It is bricked over on the outside.

If you recall the window we were peeking in, in the "insert" in Part 1 when we first entered this structure, this is the same window on the inside. We have gone full circle.

A mystery, House or Apartment 6


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