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To set the stage for this section and probably the next stage as well we will bring back a previously posted picture.

Notice the second floor windows. The single window on the far left is one room. The triple windows in the center is a room and the single window on the far right is a room. Those three rooms make up the front of the building on the second floor. The one possible mystery that still exists with regards to this imprisoned house is these three rooms. If you were to go back to Part 1 of this series you would see from the Sanborn Fire Insurance Map that there was a small yard between the house and the sidewalk in the front. Yet the front of the building today is flush with the sidewalk on the ground floor and the second floor.

That begs the question: (1) Was the house actually moved forward at the beginning of the changes that were made that resulted in a large commercial building, much larger then the original house, on the ground floor?

(2) Were those three rooms new additions to the front of the second floor of the original house thus extending the second floor of the house out to the sidewalk?

This is the end of our journey through the rooms on the eastern side of the house. This is the front room on the left side of the second floor based on the previous picture.

As we stand in the room looking slowly to the right.

Looks like at one time hot water or steam heat was used to heat this room too, though it does have a fireplace as well.

The south eastern corner of this room Cement blocks is a little odd way to build your normal interior wall to separate rooms. Where the blocks are now might have been where the original front exterior wall of the original house was.

One last look down the entire set of rooms on the eastern side of the center hallway.

The doorway into the center front room. The doorway in that room you are seeing has pocket doors. The most striking set of doors in the entire house. One has to wonder where they there originally or added later if new rooms were built onto the front of the house.

We hadn't pulled out the Pocket door on this side yet.

Ok our little effort at staging. :O)

Turning around and looking at the front of the room and house.

This room's source of heat. There was a Dr. Metz who apparently lived in this house and had his office here on this second floor in the 1950's These front rooms may have been that office.

Now we have reached a crossroads. There are two ways we can proceed.

We can continue across the front and enter into this, the third room across the front.

or we can go out the pocket doors and turn hard right. Either way it is going to get a tad bit confusing for a little while.

I guess we will just finish going across the front. This the third front room the on the western side of the second floor. That appears to be a doorway that has been closed off. Where it went, we have no idea.

Looking back towards the center front room. To the right side of this room you see a doorway.

A mystery, House or Apartment 5


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