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Swing open the door and we see the bathroom. It is a bit small but maybe there was a bigger bathroom on the first floor of the original house when it was a house.

If we had gone completely into the bathroom and shut the door we would have seen the wall at the foot of the bathtub had a window in it that originally allowed one to look outside and allow outside light in. It is the window we mentioned and had a picture of in Part 1 of this series.

Coming back out the bathroom and moving west across the hallway, one last look behind us and we see the frame for the Bathroom door on the left and the door that leads back to that "offset" area.

Turning back forward we have the kitchen. When this was only the second floor of the original house this room probably was a bedroom or the Doctor who owned the house in the 1890's had his office in the house someplace, possibly on the second floor.

Outside that window the west side of the Erlanger Building is visible.

Back inside the kitchen

That opening was probably at one time a window on the back side of the house. At some point after the structure was remolded turing at that least the ground floor into commercial building this became a doorway of sorts to get to the roof over the back side of the commercial building on the ground floor.

Part of the ceiling in the kitchen area.

Turning towards the front our eyes again pass the doorway into the hallway that runs from the bathroom to the front of the structure.

Looking from the kitchen towards the front of the house.

The room immediately north of the kitchen on the east side of the house.

A closer look at the light.

The picture? We are clueless. :O) The building outside the window is the Erlanger Building.

The picture does rate a better look.

Looking across the hallway to the room across the hall. But notice that door on the far left behind the door to the hallway?

You can get a peek at the attic steps here.

Time to move to the next room going forward towards the front of the house.

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