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Thanksgiving snow of 1950.




The Military has had bases all over the world at times and probably more then just a couple would qualify as not the usual type base. Probably most of them have had locals stationed there at one time or another but this particular base has had a fair number of locals stationed there, including someone we know quite well, so it gets a little spotlight time here.

It is a base where they say the winds are born. It truly is one very windy place. It is a place where when the sun shines, it is holiday routine. It is not odd if the sun only shines less than a dozen days a year. It is a place that the weather really can change every five minutes. It can get a lot of snow or not much. Tempeture wise, considering where it is, not so bad. Really hot and really cold are rare. There are active volcanos only 26 miles away and earth tremors are common. even real earthquakes aren't all that rare. Today it is no longer a series of military bases and stations as it once was. That ended in the 1990's but the remnants are still there and there is a community there.


Some of the locals and members of the facebook site Military Memories East Liverpool & Tri-state area. Those who served, their friends, families & admirers


we know of who spent time on Adak, as temporary duty or stationed there are:

Raymond Bigelow ...I've been back to Dutch Harbor since...buying Bering Sea King Crab for import..climbed Mt Ballyhoo..& visited the concrete remains of WWII Historic area...even named our boat.. "Ballyhoo"....quite notorious in these Seattle waters.....your right, Jimmy..I hated it & didn't think I was going to survive in that weather..but did..can't say i love it cause still dealing w/ the cold weather damage to my feet..everyday is a reminder......luckily, I was only there for a few weeks.

Dave Blazer: I spent a week on Adak in the late 1970s, and flew out to Attu on our way home. Beautiful, wind swept part of the world.

Dave Blazer

Kenneth Louk Naval Security Group. The site was at the northern part of the island. NSG antenna array systems looked like a circular dinosaur fence.

Kenneth Louk

Maxine Weber: we are from Salem,Ohio & My husband who was in the Navy & I was his dependent wife spent 9 years on Adak. We were there from 1975-78 & back again 1982-1988 . East Liverpool is not that far from Salem, Ohio!!! My husband & I are both from Salem, Ohio

David Weber

Maxine Weber

On the facebook site that compliments this web site Robert Spratley posted: "A gentleman named John Calhoun from Cora St. E.L.O. served in Alaska in W.W.2. He was stationed in the Aleutian Is. and ran a tug style boat."

Melissa Price I do have some pics just have not had time to get them out and post them yet. Adak was an awesome experience. Lots of good times. Even experienced a 7.7 magnitude earthquake while there.

I found a pic of me at the POW MIA breakfast in Adak. I got to read a verse from the bible.

Melissa Price, Adak, Alaska, 1986-88

A little humor

Kristina Arrington The big earth quake was 1987 I was there we all headed up to the hill. I really love this place and wish I could go back...

Kristina Arrington, Adak, Alaska 1986-88.

There was at least one other girl who graduated from ELHS in the 1980's. Joined the Navy and spent time on Adak. But unfortunately. We are tryig to find her name.

Matt Stewart, a professor at the local branch of Kent State U had a nephew who spent a year of more on Adak. We will get the name.

We will leave Adak with one final picture:

Great Sitkin Island, 26 miles across the water from Adak. The northern portion of the island is dominated by the complicated Great Sitkin Volcano which rises to a height of 5,710 feet




It has been decided that the Vietnam War officially began in Early 1965, though conflicts began as early as 1959 and the US had advisers there since around then.

Tonkin Gulf Crisis, August 1964


A Vietnam War Timeline




Vietnam War Era Music. Billboard Top 100 - click on the song title to listen to the MP3 file , 1966, 1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971


The Ultimate 60s Dance Show


A Classic 60's TV Show Dance Party


Mix - Vietnam war music




Operation "Rolling Thunder" Deployed: Sustained American bombing raids of North Vietnam, dubbed Operation Rolling Thunder, begin in February. The nearly continuous air raids would go on for three years.

February 11, 1965 Yorktown newspaper.


"Operation Candid Camera, March 1965. Four U.S. Aircraft Carriers, USS YORKTOWN CVS-10, USS HANCOCK CVA-19, USS CORAL SEA CVA-43 and USS RANGER CVA-61 as well as their escorting ships took a brief break from their participation in "Operation Rolling Thunder" in March 1965 to participate in "Operation Candid Camera. This was perhaps the largest fleet operation since the closing days or WWII. The USS YORKTOWN, with at least one East Liverpool native as a member of its crew spent 30+ continuous days at sea,before a brief R&R break in Sasebo, Japan. The Yorktown then returned to the South China Sea for another 47 continuous days at sea as part of Operation Rolling Thunder, before being relieved and returning to its home port of Long Beach, Ca.

The first 3 pictures come from my USS Yorktown CVS-10 1964-65 cruise book.

The 4th picture Courtesy of Al Spratley shared USS Coral SEA (CVA-43)'s photo. Data with the picture is the following:

Task Force 77 operating in the South China Sea, March 1965. It had recently launched strikes against North Vietnam. Carriers present are (clockwise from bottom): Ranger (CVA-61), Yorktown (CVS-10), Coral Sea (CVA-43) and Hancock (CVA-19). The guided missile cruiser Canberra (CAG-2) is in the center of the formation. The destroyer screen includes: England (DLG-22), Gurke (DD-783), Rogers (DD-876), Walker (DD-517), O'Bannon (DD-450), Somers (DD-947), Jenkins (DD-447), John A. Bole (DD-755), Higbee (DD-806), Buck (DD-761), Joseph Strauss (DDG-16) and Ernest G. Small (DD-838). This photograph was specially posed, and does not represent a normal operating formation.

Official U.S. Navy Photograph (# USN 1109915).

James Shriver, PHCM, USN (Ret), notes: "The photo [...] was taken in an exercise we called 'Operation Candid Camera.' On day one it was tried by a Vigilante photo plane. They missed. So the next day it was tried again and the photos were taken with a hand held camera from a HS-8 helicopter. The photographer was PH1 Elvin C. Conarty (now deceased). I was there... I processed the film and printed the photos."

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