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A PLEA: We are addressing this to all East Liverpool HS students, student-athletes, coaches, teachers, school officials and parents to please help us with by providing any information, pictures we could scan and use (we would return said photos) for this series. We feel it is important. This is for the students and student-athletes. The East Liverpool historical Society is over 100 years old and while this site is only 6 years old, this summer (2013), all thinking at the Historical Society is this will be a site that will be around for a very long time. Thus we would like to make it as complete and accurate as possible and we need your help and cooperation in order to do that. Thank you.

Do you have any information? Why not email us at: j.a.alsion@gmail.com



We have a problem and we are not sure exactly how to deal with it yet. At least to date [June 22, 2013] the Review has not published the All Review, All County, AP Eastern Division, etc, items they usually publish at the end of each HS sports period, i.e. Fall Sports, Winter Sports, Spring Sports.

We were told that The Review has sold its sports Department to the Morning Journal. The Review and Morning Journal are and have been owned by the same company for years but they did each have their own sports departments and reporters. Apparently that is now longer the case. The exact impact that may have on Potter Sports coverage in the future we aren't sure of yet. Hopefully very little or none but the transition has apparently had some impact on the Spring Sports end of season wrap-up for 2013.

We relied very heavily on The Review for that type of information for this segment of ELHS Sports. We will see if we can find another source for that information. The result is that perhaps the 2013 Spring Sports wrap-up that this segment really is abut may be seriously lacking this year and that is a shame for the student athletes that participated in this sports this spring.



Image 1

The 2013 Lady Potters Softball Team.

Row 1 (L-R):Seniors Sarah Morrell 11, Mary Davis 18, Kelsey Diddle 8

Row 2 (L-R): Sis Hilliard 10, Haleigh Cunningham 3, Nikayla Edgell 2, Kira Gill 6, Coach Sam Cianni

Row 3 (L-R): Coach Erik Adkins, Alyssa Bowen 7, Sage Calhoun 1, Elise Smith 13, ReaAna Holmes 22, Chelsea Possage 9, Mallory Billingsley 25, Coach Alexa Smith

Picture and names courtesy of Jimmy Savage.



The 2013 ELHS Softball Team finisned with a regular season record of 8-19 and a final record of 8-20.

I have managed, thus far (June 23, 2013) to find this from the online version of the Martins Ferry Times Leader:

All OVAC Softball Named

May 23, 2013 Times Leader

Class 4A

First Team

Elise Smith, East Liverpool

Image 2

Second Team

Nikayla Edgell, East Liverpool

Image 3

Image 4

June 11, 2013

Times Leader

All-Eastern District

First Team

Elise Smith, East Liverpool

Image 5

Kelsey Diddle, East Liverpool

Image 6

Second Team

Chelsea Possage, East Liverpool

Image 7

Sarah Morrell, East Liverpool

Image 8

All of the above pictures and final W-L record of the 2013 Softball Team came from April and May sports sections of The Review. Any additional information we can find will be added as we find it.



Image 9

The 2013 Boys Potters Track Team.

First row L-R: Jake Densmore , Nate Boyer, Shae Long, Chase Mahon, Jake Allen, Jimmy Beaver, Brian Kopras

Second Row (L-R): Tevin Whitson, Grant Owens, Zack English, Joe Mercer, Corey Monteiro, John Miscuk

Third Row (L-R) Devonte Oates, Jullian Cowart, Raqwam Eliam, Devin Streets, Quinn Lyle, Joe Adkins

Fourth Row (L-R): Zack Adkins, David Tice, Dallas Brewer, Ryan Lilly, Marcus Campbell, Ransom Palmer

5th Row (L-R): Ian Smith, Kaulin Wells, Zay Jones, Nathan Weber, Devon Zubay, Austin Fike Missing from photo: Stefan Yoho. Chris Chavis Coaches Scott Thornberry, Shawn Long

Picture courtesy of the East Liverpool Historical Society, names courtesy of Jimmy Savage.

OVAC Track and Field Leaders

June 3, 2013

Courtesy of Times Leader

1600M, Boyer (EL), 4:34.34 (5th)

3200M, Boyer (EL), 9:50.96 (5th)

Image 10

4x400, (Boys) East Liverpool, 3:32.07 (3rd)

High Jump, Long (EL), 6-1 (3rd)

Image 11

Long Jump, English (EL), 21-11 (1st)

Image 12



Image 13

The 2013 Potters Baseball Team.

Front Row (L-R): 24 Jonathan Noland, 13 Shane Talbott, 17 Canyon Colson, 1 Tyler Cunningham, 4 Ryan Bombich, 5 Tim Sarge, 18 Isaiah Stokes

Second Row (L-R): Manager Eric McMahon, 16 Austin Burson, 7 Austin Vrnesevich, 12 Hunter Maze, 20 Jason Kutzner, 8 Briar Meek, 6 Parker Bowers, 14 Tyler Recktenwald, Coach Dylan Stickler

Back Row: Head Coach Bill Bailey, 15 Jared Yanek, 9 Jay Lane, 2 Peyton Newlum, 21 Austin Alverez, 23 Austyn Dozier, 19 Kevin Mackey, 22 Ryan Burson, Coach Dave Dozier,

Picture courtesy of the East Liverpool Historical Society, names courtesy of Jimmy Savage.

April 26 4-11



Image 14

The 2013 Potters Tennis Team.

Front row (L-R)Gretchen Dietz, Robbie Powell, Nick Diloreto, Nick Harris, Jonathan Montgomery, Breann Partezana

Back Row (L-R) Coach Jub Whittaker, Andrew Hutchman, Derek Munoz, Alex Hoeffler, CJ Harris, Joey Bickerton, Craig Miller

Picture courtesy of the East Liverpool Historical Society, names courtesy of Jimmy Savage.

Image 15

Image 16

The ELHS Tennis team was 13-1 for the season.

Current Potter Stars 13


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