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Standing on the balcony at the back of the sanctuary looking down at the first floor area.

In on of ther rooms on the second floor we found photographs of the church in earlier days and "blue" prints that were interesting. Notice the pipes for the organ that was used then.

Big group of people.

We had to a ladder that was against the wall thougth a small opening in the ceiling. Then work our way through a tight low clearance attic to get to the circular "cap" of the building.

Through this small door. Into the round "cap" atop the church.

Standing and looking straight up we see this.

PN the very top of the Cap is a cross. It has lights and used to revolve. It doesn't revolve anymore but looking up here you see the center of the roof on the underside where the cross is located on the outside.

Looking around the sides of the "cap" space.

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