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The first floor hallway looking considerably different than the earlier view of it in this series. (The Evening Review. Feature Pages, April 17, 1971)

What remains.

There are six items in this picture that still exist from the Central School Building. They are:

On Jackson St.

On Jackson St.

One of the two faces.

The second of the two faces.


The stone block above the window with the carved wording and dates was incorporated into the new tower of the East Liverpool High School Alumni Association building on the grounds of the old Central School Building.


any pictures showing the second floor main hallway, any pictures taken anywhere on the third floor, any pictures of the basement area and any pictures of the stairs to the basement or the third floor of Central School Building. We are also interested in any pictures showing any of the rooms to better advantage than what we have here presently. We would scan and return any pictures anyone had that they allowed us to use.

Final Note: Central Building was built in the same approximate time period as the Potters National Bank building was built (Smith Auto Parts, corner of East 4th and Broadway). If you go back and look at the pictures from the PNB (Smith Auto Parts) series, you will see some resemblances in the exteriors of the two buildings and in the woodwork inside on the first floor of the PNB building and inside Central Building.

PNB.Smith Auto

High School Building


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