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As we moved further west in the building(towards the rear of the building) we encountered signs of some deterioration. More pronounced closer to the top. The 4th a bit less the 3rd even less 2nd.


Probably a hallway on the third floor. You can get to the 3rd and 4th floor via about three different staircases.

Standing in front of the building on the sidewalk on Market street looking up at the third floor this is the room on the right side of the front of the building.

There appeared to be five fairly large rooms in a row separated by folding or sliding doors that made up the northern side of the third floor of the Brookes Building.

This shows those doors closed between the first or eastern front room and the second room.

The doors closed between the second and third rooms.

Looking back to the second from the first.

Third to second to first.

From the third looking towards the fourth and fifth.

Fourth looking towards the third.

We found this fancy hinge, a tad bit out of focus on one of the doors in this building.

This on the north side, west 5th street side.


The fourth floor is mostly on the northern side one huge room.

Standing in the big room on the northern side of the 4th floor. Looking towards the front, Market Street. Note the small raised stage.

Looking to the left of the same room.

The back of the same room.

The room directly behind that one very large room.

This is probably a middle staircase from the 4th floor to third.

This is a rear staircase from the 4th to the third floor.

Fourth floor level, fire escape.

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