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This building was one of the "replacement buildings" that was built immediately after the great fire of 1905.

Diamond Fire of 1905



Great Fire of 1905


The big 5&10 otherwise known as McCrory's 5&10 faced both E. 5th Street and Market Street. The white front, four story building here is the part which fronts on E. 5th street.

East 5th Street entrance.

The white front, four story building here is the part which fronts on Market Street.

Market Street Entrance.

Not known by most, before the building was McCrory's 5&10 it was known as The People's Store Department Store. Not to be confused with People's Drug Store. Totally different companies and totally different buildings in downtown East Liverpool.

There is more information and perhaps pictures of the People's Store Department Store. We hope to locate that information and if we do we will add it to this series.

This building is similar to the Crook Building in that the floors were vast open spaces. So there won't be a lot of description needed. The pictures pretty much speak for themselves.

First floor stairway leading to the second floor. We didn't photograph on the second floor in this building nor the basement.

Nice woodwork.

Standing on the E. 5th street side at the entrance to the Market Street side looking towards Market Street.

Standing in the E. 5th Street side looking towards E. 5th Street.

Basement stairs. The basement was just a repeat of the upper floors.

Oddly enough once inside and off the first floor we headed straight for the rooftop. We seem to have a bit of a affinity for rooftops or at least some of us do. The bad news is I had a smudge on my lenses which I didn't realize in the beginning.

In this particular case the rusty fire escape platform and ladder up onto the roof did cause a hold your breath and hope all goes well on the way up to and down from the roof. But all part of the adventure.

Looking down from the roof onto E. 5th Street. We hope to photograph these buildings this summer.

That would include photographing the former Montgomery Wards building as well this summer.

once upon a time the former People's Drug Store was located directly below on the corner of Market and E. 5th Street.

McCrory's 5 & 10 2


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