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Hallway, third floor of one of the two buildings.

Front corner room Third floor Thompson Building.

Same corner front room of the third floor Thompson Building.

Third floor Thompson Building overlooking East 6th Street.

Third floor hallway Thompson Building.

Part of the Third floor front corner room ceiling.

The wall paper visible through the window indicates a room in the Lowe Building but the picture may have been taken in a room in the Thompson Building.

Ceiling above the window shown in the previous picture.

Lowe Building you can see the fire escape outside the window. A barrel catching rain water sitting on a not too stable floor. This should be the third floor of the Lowe building.

Lowe Building, again you can catch a glimpse of the fire escape outside the window.

This appears to be one of the connecting points between the Thompson Building and the Lowe Building.

Plastic catching the ceiling/floor of the room above it which would be the top floor. Catching rain water too in all likelihood.

Hallway Third floor Thompson Building.

Third floor one of the several bathrooms is visible.

We are not certain which floor this is. It could be the 3rd floor or maybe even the 4th. Juanita Ruffner took this picture and she isn't sure which floor she was on. There is a slight chance she may have found a way to the 4th floor. It isn't familiar to any of the others there that day so it may be the 4th floor. Courtesy of Juanita Ruffner.


The following pictures, unless otherwise indicated should all be of areas on the third floor of the Thompson Building.


The above picture and the following eight pictures are courtesy of Kimberly Mitchell and her GHOSTING 12 PARANORMAL INVESTIGATIONS AND HISTORICAL RESEARCH group. They had gone into the Thompson Building May 5, 2009. Our photograph journey in the building was July 9, 2011.

There were 9 bathrooms most of this type.

Thompson Building 5


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