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To bring the reader up to date. When you enter the Thompson Building you go up a pair of steps as shown in previous pictures in Part 1. You have choices of what direction to go through connecting rooms and or using hallways to move about the second floor.

At one point or another you do come to that unique area as shown in part 2. That part that was once outdoors but is now indoors.

If you step through that doorway into that area then make a sharp left and step into the doorway there you will be moving towards that back section of the Thompson Building.

The following pictures cover a portion of the back section of the building some on the second floor as a few on the third floor as well.

Peek a boo I see you coming. A early version of a peephole in a door, this is in the steps.

An electrical panel. It's different than what we see in this day and age. I am pretty sure this was on the second floor in the back section of the building.

One of the rooms in the back section of the building.

Also in the back section of the building there was once a truck driver's union.

Front office of the truck driver's Union.

A portion of the back office of the driver's Union

A different room on that floor.

Outside look from a window in the back section of the building.

We didn't follow these steps. We don't know where they went.

Notice the new concrete block wall. Apparently part of the wall between Brickers and the Thompson Building.

Going outside though as I recall there is no longer a door on the outside. I seem to recall it was covered over with something. This used to be the staircase from East 6th to the upstair apartments and any offices.

From the landing to the hallway.

The hallway.

We were not on the fourth floor of the Thompson Building. We never found a way to that floor and when we asked how to get to the fourth floor we were told that we had enough pictures, that we didn't need to take pictures on that floor." When pressed we were told that they didn't want anyone to get hurt.

The Lowe Building and the Thompson Building were joined at the basement levels as well as on the upper floors of both buildings so at times it was confusing with regards to which building we were actually in at any given time.

A stairway to who knows where. As you can see it was blocked off.

That is as far as they got on that stairway.

Second of third floor of the Thompson Building probably but could be the Lowe Building. It is looking out at a brick wall, part of that area which was once outside but is now inside.

Stairway from Second floor to third floor. This was against the far southern wall of a room off the main hallway of the Thompson Building. That simply means if may have been in the Lowe Building instead of the Thompson Building.

Thompson Building 4


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