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River towns in early America faced unique positives as well as unique negatives. Some of the positives would be easy and cheap transportation, most of the time. I say most of the time because in the days before dams were built on the rivers there could be times in the summer when a person could just about walk across the river the water level being so low. In the winter in northern sections of the country there might be times when the river could be frozen solid shore to shore or choked with large ice chunks.

The easy and cheap transportation would be valuable for people movement, shipping local products manufactured or grown in the area, acquiring products, food and materials.

Before railroads and even after railroads came to river towns the rivers served this important function.

Some of the negatives would be floods and disasters on the rivers. River towns often times had their rowdy elements. This fact along with a transient nature of some of its population could and did at times lead to a higher number of unsolved crimes.

East Liverpool was no different than other river towns in this respect.



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