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The last two houses on Pa. Ave.

Entering the bend.

As you can see the end of what is left of Pa. Ave. The end has a fence and gate across it. The gate could be opened but on the other side there doesn't really appear to be any roadway left. It appears as if the hill had been dug away far enough that at least some of the old hill road was taken as well. To access this end of the Hill Road would require doing it from the other end or further east from this point.

Looking back the way we had just walked along Pa. Ave.

Portion nearest East End

We climbed up the embankment from the west bound lanes maybe 4 or 5 hundred yards west of the old Garfield School, now the Community Center near Mulberry Street.

For those of us who are old enough to remember riding in a vehicle, a car, truck, bus or even earlier a trolley or driving on this road we can relate to at least parts of the following pictures and will recall memories of those times. For those too young in the mid 1970's or born afterwards no such memories exist and this will be all new and difficult to relate to or visualize what it was like then.

However, that is one of the purposes of history. That being to introduce to people who weren't there what their parents, grandparents and maybe great grandparents saw, knew and experienced.

Looking and walking west. As one of the earlier pictures showed, there was once a two lane highway here along with a double set of trolley tracks. From the 1940s until its closing in the mid 1970s there was just the two lane highway here. That two lane highway ended just about in the exact same spot the four lane ends now in East End.

It could use a good sweeping I think. :O)

Some nice views of the river and across the river. Back when this was a highway in use you wouldn't have seen the new highway, since it didn't exist. The embankment was far steeper down to the Pennsylvania Railroad tracks at the base of the hillside.

The edge of the old roadway.

Pa. Ave. (Old Hill Road)3


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