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All of the following pictures were taken by Ryan Estell, Safety-Service Director for the city of East Liverpool, Ohio on December 23, 20011. He, City Engineer Bill Cowan and a tag along representing the E L Historical Society walked the Old Hill Road. The tag along only walked the first part. Mr. Estell and Mr, Cowan walked the entire distance from East End to Ravine Street/Thompson Ave.

The comments posted here are those of Mr. Estell.

A comment to us:

Bill and I made it all the way and came out at the end of Ravine St., but I certainly wouldn't recommend going much farther than you did this morning. There are sections that aren't much more than a deer trail in the hillside. The rock-face is in bad shape and likely will require blasting. There were a number of places where you don't have any choice but to push through the thorn bushes...I'm still finding thorns to pull out.

We're working on arrangements to have the rock-slide taken care of and hopefully the pathway will be much easier to traverse once the work is finished. They will have to have a nice wide and flat surface to get the necessary heavy equipment in.

Pavement can still be seen and is in good shape.

Looking across the Jennings-Randolph Bridge

Babbs Island and the river bend.

The path starts getting worse.

Finally, a challenge.

Pipe Bridge

High-pressure water lines going to the Thompson Ave. tank

Old stonework built around the pipes

Looks strange, but it works.

Approaching the rock slide.

Rock Slide of 2011 Area

Most of the rock face has become rubble. with Bill Cowan

Other rocks coming loose.

You can see the color difference in the newly exposed rock-face. This is the section that broke loose.

This area could be a problem in the future.

End of the rubble path only a couple feet from the drop-off to the highway.

The fencing held back some of the rubble.

Litter/dumping is even a problem here.

The tank farm below gives a good landmark for locating the slide location on Google Earth.

Arriving at the Western End of what was the Old Hill Road

Looking down the old face.

Nearing Thompson and Ravine...finally an exit.

People really should not be down there. Its all part of the right-of-way space owned by ODOT for the highway. In some spaces, you can walk on the old 30' wide roadway, but in others you are lucky to have a six inch deer path. Bill and I were there for work, so I thought I'd share the scenes. (Ryan Estell)

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