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Based on the Sanborn fire insurance map dated May 1929 - October 1947 the building indicated here by the tar lines would have been 106 W. 5th St.. At least businesses that occupied the space was Jones dry cleaning company says the 1962 E. Liverpool city directory. There actually were buildings in this space alongside the western and the Brooks building and was then the Ohio power company building. Street addresses 106 and 108 occupied this space. Kennedy office supply was listed in the 1962 city directory as being west of 106 W. 5th Street

We moving down the backside the buildings up front on the western side of Market Street between fourth and fifth Street. It sometimes is a little difficult to separate the buildings and reference them buildings that front on Market Street. On the Market Street side if you count the Brookes building has a double building which it is, then the tall building in the center of this picture would be the next building south of the Brookes building. As you can see from the picture it is connected to the Brookes building.

This would be the story building, and Bible store on market Street.

The square building with a cream or white top is the Ohio Bell telephone company building.

This is the backside 413 Market Street.

Between the south side of 413 and the north side of the former Sayre Electric Company building containing the addresses 405 to 411 Market St.

This picture shows the north side and back side of 401 403, Sayer electric company building.

The south side of the Sayer electric company fronting W. 4th St.

The Front or eastern side their electric company, 401 - 403 Market Street

Looking up the western side of Market Street from 4th to 5th

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