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1923. The street addresses at this time were as follows: 401, 403, 405, 407, 409, 411, 413. Drury Lane 415, 417, 419, 423, 425. Eleven addresses.

The Evening Review, Mon. Sept, 10, 1928

The Evening Review, Mon. Sept, 10, 1928

The Evening Review, Sat. March 1, 1941

From 1941 City Directory


401 - 03 Sayre Electric

405 Kountz Albert H. Gros and Meats

Riggins Brady V. Fish and Oysters

407 Buchanan's Restaurant

407 Kountz Albert H. Awnings and tents

409 Kountz Dorothy Beauty Salon

411 Singer Sewing Machine Company

413 Smith Geo C & Son Wall Paper


415 Ohio Bell Telephone Company

417 Resnick Morris Furniture

419 Moskin's Credit Clothing

419 -25 Brookes Building


1 Brookes Lynch McDonald Lawyers

Marran Kathryn notary

City Solicitors office

2 Vacant

3-4 Foutts Mae Beauty Shop

6 Potters Adjustment Bur

9-10 Brokaw Harry E Lawyer

3rd Fl Ohio Valley Business College

State Eug J Physical culture [ to learn more about this click on this


423 Vacant

425 Altman Harry A Clothing


[ This City Directory is incorrect in that the street address of the last building south of Drury Lane is 413, and the first address north of Drury Lane is 415. ]

This was published in the Even Review on Fri. Mar. 21, 1975. in a special secvtion of the paper on EL businesses, The picture was probably taken around that time but it gives a short history of the business going back to 1947.

The date of this picture is unknown. It could be anytime from the 40s into the late 50's So many pictures taken from a plane aren't taken for a good best angle to see the fronts of the buildings on the west side of Market St. But at least in this one you can see from 4th Street to the Ohio Bell Telephone Building. We can add the list from the 1951 City Directory here:

E & W 4TH BEGINS (1951)

401-03 Sayre Electric Co.

405 WIlson's Market gros

407 Buchanan's Restr

407 Kountz Awnings

Buchanan Bridle

409 Trl-State Appliance & Heating

411 Downard's Barber Shun

411 No return

413.Smith Geo C & Son wall paper

413 Cunninghant Wm L

E and W Drury Ia begins

415 OhIo Bel Tel Co (plant)

417Resnick Furniture Store

419 Morton's Jewelry Store

419-25 Brookes Building Rooms:

1-2 Brookes Lynch & McDonald lwyrs

3 Brookes Jason H Iwyr

Lynch Carroll P lwyr

City Solicitors office

McDonald John B Jr Iwyr

Macran Kathryn notary

4 Whitman Beauty Shop

5 Watson Margt H Mrs drsmkr

6-8 McWborter W F real est

Brown Alex J notary

Potters Adjustment Bureau

McWhorter Wm F notary

9-10 Brokaw Harry H Iwyr

3d fl Ohio Valley Business College

Johnson Thos W

Campbell Jean- M musd tchr

4th fl Johnson Thos W

423 World Wide Missionary Book & Bible House

425 Robins & Sant men's clo

Style Dress Shop

E and W 5th begins

This picture was taken in 1954 the day the American Theater caught fire. You can see most of the block.

The Evening Review, Wed, July 3, 1957

1958. Courtesy of the James Stewart Scrapbooks.

The Evening Review, Thu. Aug. 4, 1960

The Evening Review, Thu. Aug. 4, 1960

1962 City Directory


E 4th begins W 4th begins

401-03 Sayre Elec

405-07 Tri-State Appliance & Big

409 Ralph's Pizza Shop

411 Downard's Barber Shop

411/2 International Brother- hood of flee Wkrs

413 Bucks Tavern

413k Vacant

E Drury la begins W Drury la begins 415 Vacant

417 Resnick Furn Store

418 Holiday Camera Shop

419-25 Brookes Building Rooms:

1-2 Brookes. Lynch &

McDonald Iwyr

3 Vacant

4 McWorther Wm F real est

5 Watson Margt M Mrs drsmkr

6-8 Potters Adjustment Bur collns

9-10 Vacant

3d fl Ohio Valley Business College

Campbell Jean F mus tchr

4th FL Vacant

423 World Book & Bible House

425 Robins & Sant men's do

E 5th begins W 5th begins


The two Brookes Buildings.

The Evening Review, Sat. Sep. 14. 1968

The Evening Review, Sat. Sep. 14. 1968

The Evening Review, Sat. Sep. 14. 1968

One of the better pictures of that West Side of Market St between 4th and 5th Streets. Date of the picture is probably early 70's From the 1970 City Directory: 1970 401-03 Sayre Electric Affiliates elec centre 385-2520 Sane Electric Contracting Inc Sayre Electric Retailing Inc 407 Mc Donald's Gift & Appliance Center appliance & tv As & serv 3864605 40744 Cahill Marion Mrs 385-2392 409 Ralph's Pizza Shop 385-7828 E - W DRURY LA BEGINS 411 Downard's Barber Shop 4111/2 Brotherhood Of Elec Wkrs (Meeting Hall) 413 Town Tavern restr 385-0026 413 Vacant 415 C A T V Of Ohio Valley Inc telev cable 385-4854 417 Resnick Furniture Store 386-6330 419 Eckert's Don Camera Mart 385-1272 423 World Book & Bible House 385-5173 Brookes Bldg Rooms 1 Brookes & Mc Donald Lwyrs 2 Marran Kathryn Notary Public 3 Vacant 4 Mc Mahan Ruth Mrs sonars 5 Vacant 6 Potters Adjustment Bureau collrs 385-1060 4th Fl Vacant 4231/2 Ohio Valley Business College 385-1070 425 Robins & Sant Inc men's cia 385-8740 E 5TH ST W 5TH ST BEGINS

The Evening Review, Sat. Oct. 30, 1971

The Evening Review, Sat. Oct. 30, 1971

The Evening Review, Sat. Oct. 30, 1971

The storefront that you just catch a glimpse of there was 104 W. %th Street oin throiugh part if the 50's and 60's. It was the location of the Harmony House, which sold sheet music and musical Instruments.

The tar outline on the side of the building shown here was casused by the building that used to be there before it was bought and torn down for "Green Space" that never developed. That building was the home of the Kennedy Office Supply durting those same years as mentioned above.

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