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This is a major big deal in that a much of a entire city block is going to be torn down and replaced. That hasn't happened in recent East Liverpool History. There have been a time in the past, the relatively distance past when a there would have been a fire and a small or large portion of downtown would have suffered damage and or destruction. In those cases the remains would be torn down and replaced with new structures. That has not been the case in recent history.

I recall thinking as a kid how big the downtown was but in reality it wasn't really all that big. The bulk of the downtown was from 4th street to 7th street and from Jackson Street to Walnut street. Without too much effort one could say that the real bulk was from Market St to Broadway and from 4th to 6th and not be terribly incorrect.

So in this day and age when an entire side of a street form 4th St to 5th St is going to be demolished in one swift swoop, on purpose, not fire involved, no natural disaster involved, that is a big deal.

There is a lot of East Liverpool history contained in that block. Some people lived in apartments in some of the buildings. Many people worked in those businesses, made a living, supported a family. Some went to school in at least one of those buildings. Learned a skill stayed here and raised a family.

The building, like the rest of the downtown have fallen on hard times, stand empty but if the walls could speak the tales they could tell, of a happier vibrant time. So they will go now and they will take a part of us with them. This is a respectful honoring and remembering of them.

The west side of Market Street between 4th Street and 5th Street, in 1874.

1876, The church in the Picture is the United Presbyterian Church on he Corner of Market St and 5th Street. The street running south towards you is Market St The Cross Street on the right should be 4th St.

1889, if you look close you can see the Brookes Building in the picture. (A little above center of the picture in the center of the picture.

1898 the new Brookes Building.

1889, if you look close you can see the Brookes Building in the picture. (A little above center of the picture in the center of the picture.


This picture was taken by the folks at the Camera Mart and published in The Evening Review, Fri, March 21, 1976. It is entered here in the sequence because it begins with the history of the store in 1904.

The Evening Review, Fri. March 31, 1905.

The Evening Review, Fri. April, 1, 1910

The_Evening Review, Fri. Apr. 1, 1910

1912 You have to look close but pick out the Crooks sing on the side of the Crook Building and then slowly look to the left. You will see the Brookes Building with a sign painted on the top of its side.

This "ghost sign" is probably what remains of that sign

a better view.


On the north side of W Drury Lane and Market is the Ohio Bell Telephone Company Building in East Liverpool. ELO

The Ohio Bell Telephone Building office at 415 Market Street, East Liverpool, Ohio. The earliest date that appears associated to the building that we have is 1915.

There are pictures showing a Kitchen area and what appears to be a sitting room. While there is a post card picture of a YWCA on 5th Street in ELO we don't have any information giving a date for it and if single women lived there or not. The Mary Patterson wasn't open for residents until 1932 so it might be possible that some of the single women operators may have lived on the premise in the upper one or two floors of the Ohio Bell Telephone building. At this time we don't know for certain.

To see the complete article on this building:


That ghost sign of today 2016

If you have good eyes and a good magnifying Glass maybe you can see the date on the plate of that car. We would guess late 30's or maybe early 40's. At any rate over the right shoulder of the girl on the left you can see the Bell Telephone Sign on the side of the Telephone Building.

A parade sometime in the teens of the 20th Century.

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