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Bradshaw House 1890 on present site of library across from Central school.

Broadway view of Bradshaw House.

Carnegie Public Library 1911.200 Block East 4th Street and Broadway St intersection.

Overhead view of the Carnegie Library and the Mary Patterson mid to late 1950's

Carnegie Public Library sometime between 1900-1911

Late 1950s picture taken from the sidewalk in front of Central School




Sanborn Fire Insurance Map, 1923

This building built by a Mrs. Wells. Later became the East Liverpool Post Office. Now home Moose Lodge. Corner of Fourth and Washington Street across from the Y.M.C.A.

Post Office

Second School House - 1851. Replaced by Third School. This one faced south.

Third school replaced by present Central Building. High School three grades were all in one room 1870. [It is hard to imagine that that big a building with all of those windows there were only 3 grades all in one room. This building was a bit of a adventure in high winds. They dismissed school on really windy days.]

Late 1940s or rarly 1950s

Date unknown. There was a time when Central Building was both the elementary school and high school.

"East Liverpool supports the Liberty Loan Campaign-1918" Timothy Brookes

Something that literally thousands of young East Liverpool students from 1894, for sure from 1915 after the High school building was built and opened, to 1968 while attending East Liverpool High School did for approxmately 180 days a year. The PNB building was embedded in their consciouness as they passed it or saw it daily, sometimes several times daily, as they went to and from school or changed classes.

The tearing down of an East Liverpool icon. Data of picture probably 1968 or 69

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