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The YMCA Building, May 2011


Yesterday May 21, 2011, at 11:30 am 5 people gathered in front of the old YMCA building on E. 4th Street in downtown East Liverpool, Ohio. We were permitted to enter the building to photograph the interior.

I don't know how many pictures others took but I ended up taking 132 pictures of which I will pick a portion of those to post here as we continue trying to preserve, for people now and for future generations, the exteriors and interiors of some of the buildings of East Liverpool.

Arriving and ready to begin taking pictures. The street light sort of fits the time period of when the YMCA was opened in this building.

Above the entrance doors. Very detailed and nice stone work. Common for the period.

Inside the double entrance doors are stairs leading up to the lobby.

Entering the lobby directly in front and slightly to the right is the desk area, the business end of the YMCA in its day.Note the two doorways at the back of the desk area. We will mention the one on the left again in a minute. You can see the hallway leading back to the gym along side of the desk are.

That same hallway with the gym just through the doors at the end. Notice the floor. The Thompson house lobby had a floor similar to this floor.

Thompson here, Thompson there, Thompson everywhere

Standing behind the desk and looking to the right you see the doorway in the front of the lobby area leading to what was in the 50s and probably into the 60s maybe even 70s the TV room for guests and members of the YMCA.

This stairway leads to the pool and locker area. IN the back of the desk are there were two doorways. The doorway on the left is where these stairs are located.

On the right hand side of the lobby as you enter from outside this double stairway is located. The stirs going down lead to the pool and locker area and were used my members and guests. The stairs on the left lead to the upper floors and the various rooms on the upper floors.

The woodwork in this building is quite similar with that found in other buildings of the late 1800s and early 1900s in East Liverpool.

Standing on the bottom step and looking straight up you can see the stairs going up to the second and third floor.

Standing on those stairs facing the lobby this is the view.

Another look at the lobby floors.



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