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On the front of the YMCA building are two bay windows, one on each side of the main entrance. This picture was taken from the old TV room looking out the bay window that would be the window to the left of the main entrance when looking at the building from the outside.

Approaching the office area of the lobby from the gym hallway. Looking directly ahead and slightly to the left you can see a door with windows on each side. Through that class are you can see the other bay window on the right side of the lobby. Right side of the lobby as you enter from outside. There is something very special in that room.

This is that something special. I am not sure what this room was used for back in the YMCA working days, possibly a office, maybe a lounge of sorts.

Another view.


This was, back in the day, the entrance to Y-Teen or Hi-Teen, the place for teens to come to dance, drink pop and in general hang out with their peers on Friday nights in the 40s and 50s. It was written that at times there were as many as 500 kids there.

Inside the former Y-Teen or Hi-Teen room. The door on the far right side of the picture is the door outside. For whatever reason the false ceiling was torn down leaving the lights hanging by their wires with the false ceiling tiles laying around on the floor.

Hallway between the stairs from the lobby and the swimming pool area. This is looking back towards the lobby staircase.

Same hallway as the picture above this one. We are approaching the pool area.

No lifeguard on duty this day.

Standing above the deep end looking towards the shallow end. The pool is longer than it look in this picture.

Ready to enter or leave the pool.

Looking towards the deep end.



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