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This building was one of the "replacement buildings" that was built immediately after the great fire of 1905.

Diamond Fire of 1905



Great Fire of 1905


The Altman Building is the building at the end of this row, north side of the white front McCrory's 5 & 10. We are not certain if this building was known as the Altman Building when it was built later in 1905 or not but that is the name, we are told, it is known by now.

Market Street Entrance. If you look to the far right of this building you see a door at the south end of the Altman Building and the former 5 & 10.

All of the windows on the front of the building on all four floors were boarded up so that helps a lot in establishing our bearings inside the building. The windows that could be seen out of over looked the alley and was also where the fire escapes were located.


Remember the door we mentioned above. This is the stairway located on the inside of that door. It leads to the second floor of the Altman Building

At the very top of the stairs coming up from outside you will see this sign.

The arrow on the sign points to the door which you can just see the edge of the frame in this picture. That is the connecting door between the Altman Building and the former 5 & 10.

A view of a little more of the woodwork at the top of the stairs.

While in this case the woodwork is a little beat up over all the woodwork in this building is grand. It is very much in line with the style of interior woodwork of most buildings of this period we have seen.

Beginning to walk down the second floor hallway. This floor is interesting in that it had a lot of small rooms, perhaps former offices.

A "T" of hallways. The second floor had a couple of hallways dividing much of that floor up. One ran the width and the other the length of that floor.

This is a good example of the office like rooms.

Meet Juanita Ruffner. Many have enjoyed her various pictures posted on other forums. Photographing the interiors of ELO Historical Buildings is a different form of photographing for her.

Those are sliding doors at the end there.

Altman Building 2


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