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The Auditoriums of East Liverpool. Some of these auditoriums may have may have served predominantly for one thing. Examples might be the auditoriums in the various schools. They were probably used primarily for school events but may also have been used at times for public events open to the community.

Anothner example of this might be the Masonic Lodge. It did have a stage but did not have fixed seating. The Memorial Auditorium had a stage and fixed seating on the sides but had to have chairs set up on the floor when it was used exclusively as an auditorium.

The movie houses included in this article were clearly auditoriums in that they have stage, and fixed seating. They were used for public meetings and events at times and as a movie theater the rest of the time.

Churches which are not included in this article did serve, at times, as public auditoriums as well. They had a raised section which could serve as a stage and they had fixed seating.


Interior of the Grand Opera House. [This picture would have shown the interior as it looked between opening in 1893 and the conversion to a skating rink in 1905 ELHS Webmaster.

Interior Picture from the Booklet: East Liverpool Ohio, The Pottery Center of America, 1799-1899.



HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING Fourth and Broadway


From the 1915 Keramos.The stage of the high school auditorium.

A picture it took us awhile to locate but here it is. Taken from the front looking to the back of the auditorium. This is from the 1815 Keramos.

In the late 1940s and very early 1950s pep rallies were still sometimes held in the high school auditorium. This picure is from the 1952 Keramos Yearbook.

An additional picture showing the old auditorium/study Hall. This the 1956 Keramos Yearbook. Studying, sleeping, sitting and standing--all are available in Study Hall.

Looking down from the balconey of Study Hall.

From the 1962 Keramos. The former auditorium now study hall in the High School building. The fluorescent lighting was added around 1962. The picture was taken from the balcony.

The Auditorium/Study Hall was located on the first floor, the floor accessed from East Fourth Street entrance. Today the former Auditorium/Study Hall has been remodeled and serves as the library for the ELO Kent State branch.






Gym claaes for boys were held in the gym portion of the building. The same area the Potters basketball team practiced and played. Also in Late winter and very early spring the Trach and baseball teams practiced in bad weather.


Various events were held here such as what appears to have been a concert.

As well as this 1950 Christmas program.

Football and probably basketball pep rallies were held here at various times.

High school graduations were held here.

High school assemblies were also held here. The Sophomores got to sit on folding chairs on the gym floor. Juniors in the fixed seating on one side of the gym floor and seniors in the fixerd seating on the opposite side of the gym floor.




Inside those double doors at the top of the steps. These doors were a back wall or window of the original house. Here you are looking into the second floor of the addition.

Behind the cutrain on the stage.

Looking from the stage to the back of the room.

Getting ready to leave this room.



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