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Where the green door, beside the tree on the left, would likely be street address 102 W, 5th Street. That would be the W. 5th Street entrance to the upper floors of the Brookes Building. The store front next to it is 104 W 5th Street where the Harmony House Musical Instruments was located in the 1950''s and into the 60's. See map below.

This is the interior 104 W. 5th St. as it looked in 2016. I found a hole in the brown paper covering the door and took this picture from the outside. Noticing the row of supports down the middle of the space it is possible that this was two storefronts and might have been 102 and 104 W. 5th St. On the far right at the back you can see what appears to be a hole in the wall. To find out more read on.

Remember that what appears to be a hole? Well it is. It was in a back wall of one of the former retain stores on Market street. It could have been 421 Market Street, or maybe the Book and Bible store. At any rater, if you were limber enough to get your leg up high enough you could wiggle through this hole aanfind yourself in another store front. The one at 104 West 5th Street. I wiggled through and found Juania Ruffner and Donna Anderson already in this store front. I am pretty sure the double front door of this store front had not been unlocked so going through that hole in the wall was the only way in. I am guessing at some point in time the workers who were preparing the buildings for demolition probably knocked the whole in the wall. There was no hole in the wall in 2011 when we photographed the Brookes building. We never photographed this store front in 2011.

Looking out through a hole in the paper on the front doors and you see what was once Dairyland across W 5th Street.

Shinning some light on

Some snow.

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