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For some reason this picture is a little blurred. We discovered two pictures that were a bit blurred for whatever reason. That hasn't happened before and we apologize for that. On the right of this picture is the final set of stairs upward leading to what is shown in the next group of pictures.

We place this picture here to show where we are going next. You notice that little room room the very top, the one with the three windows close together in the front. The following pictures were taken in that little space. There were five of us in there at the same time taking turns rotating around the room so each could get the camera angle and shot they wanted while carefully avoiding the holes in the floor, etc. It was fun.

Inside the little building (on the roof)

The very top of the stairway that began in the basement.

Some of the steps of the dance craze, poor flooring shuffle. :io)

More of that dance.

Part of the roof of that little building on top. The wood here was pretty good but in the upper right you can see light were it is open some.


The Top pulley assembly for freight elevator.

Looking out from that little building (on the roof)

Finished at last we begin descending and departure. Another blurry picture. That really is unusual and we do apologize.

Juanita Ruffner: "One more for the brewery....What a stately building!" Juanita Ruffner Collection.

BTW, yes that is a tree or big bush growing out of that window on the backside.

Patterson Field


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