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The Car Barn in the East End was used to park and repair buses. Thanks to Frank Dawson for the following group picture.

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St Clair just past E 6th Street.

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This may be the same wreck. It appears that a car fell off the Jethro Bridge.

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Image 7

Close quarters, automobile and trolley sharing Lisbon Street in the 1920's.

Image 8

Another minor mishap.

Image 9

Washington and 6th.

Some Cars

The following was provided by Charlie Boyer:

Attached is an article that was published in the Traction & Models magazine, June 1977 issue. They have ceased operations, I can't tell you when for sure. I thought it may have something in it that you could use.

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The End

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Image 16

East Third Strteet. The 1936 period when the trolley tracks were being removed and the street rebuilt.

Image 17

East Third Street removal of trolley tracks.



Not all Trolley tracks were removed in the 1930's or 40's. The next five pictures were taken August 13, 2013 when the bottom half of West Street, from W5th Street to the Newell Bridge, was stripped to be repaved. Part of the original trolley tracks were exposed.

Image 18

Looking south down West St towards the river and bridge. Notice that some of the old trolley tracks were removed but that last section was left years ago.

Image 19

Image 20

Image 21

Image 22

Looking north up West Street from the Bridge Toll Station towards the hospital.

As far as we know, those trolley tracks were left there and paved over again.



Image 23

An interesting picture. November 28, 1938. Past and the future as represented by the trolley, soon to be the past in ELO and the bus coming up behind it which will be the future in ELO for approx 30 years. Passengers are being picked up in Front of the Car Barn in East End.

1888 - 1939

Steubenville Traction and Light Company

Ohio Valley Scenic Route

East Liverpool Traction and Light

Little Beaver Creek Electric Coal Railroad

Smith Ferry Coal, Railroad

Steubenville and East Liverpool Traction and Light

Newell Bridge and Railway Company

Steubenville East Liverpool and Beaver Valley Traction. (Source: Ghost Rails III Electrics By Wayne A. Cole.

We are not going to cover in detail the above various lines. We will add a little about a couple of them. Again for in depth information we recommend Ghost Rails III Electrics by Wayne A. Cole.

The Trolley Transportation Days 5


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