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This booklet is included in the notebook on Kenneth from Janie S. Jenkins. Interestingly we discovered this morning, August 12, 2012, a copy of this same booklet is for sale on Ebay FR: Chateau Thierry, photos 1914-1918,Belleau,Vaux,Essomes Type de vendeur: Professionnel. En achetant des objets aux vendeurs Top Fiabilité, vous avez la certitude de bénéficier d'une livraison rapide et d'un service de qualité Achat immédiat 20,23 EUR +2,00 EUR Temps restant :29j 9h 55m

One of the pages from the above booklet. This is a picture of one of the original temporary cemeteries.

Before Starbucks many local potteries made various type of dishes, etc for major companies.


This series began based on a simple idea. Since the East Liverpool high school class of 2012 and graduated just a couple months ago we decided, since we had this material, to look at two teenagers who graduated 100 years before in 1912.

We wanted to take a look at them, the school they went to, the town they lived in, places they visited and some of their friends, at least, that we could identify.

However, as we began this project sort of took on a life of its own and while we think we achieved what we set out to do this series went beyond that simple idea we began this with.

Bernard and Berenice had two daughters. Barbara and Janie. Janie married but never had any children.

Barbara married and had two children. Barbara died in 2008.

Berenice passed all this material to Barbara. Barbara saved it and kept it safe until her health began to become a issue. She then began to send it to her sister, Janie. Together they had decided to see if the East Liverpool Historical Society would accept the material.

When told yes Janie began to send the material over time.

Janie S. Jenkins never lived to see this series of articles about her parents. She died Wednesday evening, April 18, 2012. We did not find this out unitil about a week ago. We had been trying to get in touch with her to do a interview with her.

We would like to think that she would have enjoyed this series of articles on her parents and their family.

The following three pictures show all that remains of the Steinfeld home on West 7th Street. The 1962 EL City Directory shows the house as still existing and occupied but it isn't there now. The houses on both side of it still exist but not that house.

Two High School Graduates, 1912, 100 years ago and our town in their time 7.


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