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This article by Margaret Locke originally appeared in the 18th Annual Tri-State Pottery Festival 1985 Plate Turner's Handbook, (June 13, 14, 15, 1985) pp 28-29.


Note: We have a speech pattern all our own. This dictionary is created to assist newcomers and visitors, and for the further edification of the rest of us.


all pronounced "ahr"
Youseall of you
Yissellyou will
Transmeeshunimportant part of an automobile
Afeeshalimportant to an office
Cameeshunan afeeshal title
Hollereither to shout loudly, or to live in a valley, ie - California Holler
Figgereither an arithmetic problem or the outline of a body
Shiveryeither very cold or a serenade for newlyweds
Flahreither a blooming plant or an ingredient for baking
Mitluna city in Pennsylvania
Picksburgha Pennsylvania city, the most liveable city in the United States
Stillersa football team in Picksburgh
Blaira city in Ohio (whoops! Ahiya)
Worshingtonthe father of our country
Ahroneither a hard metal or an appliance for smoothing wrinkles
After a bitin the very near future
Clumpast tense of climb
Cussinchildren of an aunt or uncle
Clear up thereall the way up there
Saament or Seementconcrete
Fur piecequite a long distance
Fitty sen Chivvy1957 Chevrolet
Gum bandrubber band
Overtahnsimilar to dahntahn or uptahn, only over
Near to dievery, very serious
Pitchereither a container for liquids, member of a baseball team, or a photo likeness
Pert nearvery close
Retch upto aim high
Redd upto put in order
Rencheither a tool for twisting, or a cleansing in water
Stoopsmall porch
Swumpmurky body of water
Criksimilar to swump, except that the water may be clear
Whole grocery ordergroceries from apples to zweiback
Yahndera short distance away, as in over yahnder, or dauhn yahnder
EestliverpoolEast Liverpool
*With appreeechiachon to Paul Zehnder and Wohi listeners for assistance so that youns could have this offeeechal dictionary—garnteed!!


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