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This article was originally written by Margaret H. Locke for the 21st anniversary, Tri-State Pottery Festival Plate Turner's Handbook, June 16, 17, 18, 1988

To be Pudlian, to be a Hoopie, to talk Pudlian-Amerjcan, is a privilege not to be Innered into irreverently. There R all of these people who have Bin here ahead of us. There were the Germans, Irish, Frinch, Polish, Eyetalians, just to name a few. The Germans settled not too far away in Pennsylvania and brought us sentences that sound backwards like "Supper's on the table and Pa's half-et already."

The Mason-Dixon Line, just a hop, skip, and jump away, gave us R softer, slower way of talkin'. So, if you-all take-all the nationalities, and the weather, and the Jografy; stir until well mixed, then open your mouth - you're gonna talk Pudlian!

Pudlians can have a Fahr that either Burns Up or Burns Down. Slowing Up or Slowing Down can cause a person to become Plumb Strung-Out, Done In, or Tuckered Out.

Pudlians, particularly those with a liberal sprinkling of Hoopie, may come to Carry You For A Spell. Carrying You may involve going Dahntahn, or Uptahn. You may need to Turn The Corner Down, or Turn the Corner Up. If carrying you takes you through the countryside, you may watch a farmer Throw the Horse Over the Fence Some Hay. Hopefully, this is on a sunny day, and not when it's Fixin' to Rain. You might be carried to one of our Potreys to see the Sighgers, the Kills, or the Green Ware. You might just pass by a Still Mill . . .You might be carried for a Long Spell down into the West-by-golly Virginia Hills to pick Paw-Paws or to pick Flahrs, or to pick berries from the Booshes. In late spring you might be seeing Flahrs like the Pineys and the Flags blooming.



A name was put to our local jargon -- "Pudlian" and now a character has been created and carries the name "PUD". [Pud is] A happy frog sitting in a puddle and wearing a beribboned hat.

Artwork by Liz Hupp

You Hafta remember that we R Loveable River Rats because of our Beautyfull Ahiya beside us. Dyrections R given according to the way R river flows. We may go up to Picksburgh by river, but we go north and east by car or plane. You may be on a one way street, but then again, you may be on a Come and Go Street. If you enjoy watching birds, there R the Sparrahs and robins, of course. On some rare occasions, 'way up in the hills, there just might be an Igles nest.

To talk more about the Ahiya River; There R many kinds of boats to carry you. We are familiar with barges and tow boats. The paddle wheelers with the çaleop playing will be a sound you won't forget in a hurry! If you would enjoy a "do it yourself" trip, take two oars and a Skiff, or a canoe, and paddle down Beaver Crik, or Yellow Crik. Be sure to see all the trees, particularly go and see and sniff the apples in the autumn or the peaches in late summer. To pick from the highest boughs, you need to be able to Shinny-Up the tree.

If you wish to Set-a-Spell and Listen to R music, look for R very own kinds. We have dulcimers, Geetars, banjoes and Fiddles to get you into a Foot-Stompin' mood. It might just convince you to try Clogging. Clogging is using your feet to make rhythm, but it involves all of you. It's like a Pudlian-Hoopie Aerobic Class. Of course you can Set down and use only your feet to clog and to keep from getting Out-Of-Puff.

We do have a Fair Amount of fog here. If someone tells you "The Birds R Walkin"' you know visibility is for the groundhogs.

Another one of our recreational sports is hunting. You do need a license for your Raffle, even if you R only Fahring at the pesky little Grinnies. You may wish to pack a lunch. If you do, remember to Fetch some Alumiem foil. It will do well to keep out the damp. We Youman Beans like R lunches dry, expecially if we Fell to Sleep waiting for some excitement, or if this is where we Left Off Thinking. You may consider 'Is or 'At, but whatever 'Tis, yizzel have fun!

Seriously; yes, we do have a truly original speech pattern. Its sound is a gentle, friendly one. Our roots are gentle, friendly ones here where we can watch the flow of the river and the ever changing hills. The ever changing hills offer much more than a scenic delight...Psalm #121 says, "I will lift up my eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help."

Artwork by Liz Hupp Margaret H. Locke

Pudlian-Hoopies References

Pudlian Residents of our area. Since we are not really large enough to be a Pool, we are a Puddle to be reckoned with!
Hoopie Employees of our early potteries who came up the river to make hoops for the potteries. Hence Hoopies to be reckoned with!
R Our
Innered Entered
Bin Been
Frinch French
Eyetalians Italians
Supper's on the table, etc. (self explanatory)
Youall All of you
Jografy Geography
Fahr Fire
Burns Up
Burns Down (self explanatory)
Slows up
Slows down (self explanatory)
Plumb strung out
Done in Really Tired!!
Tuckered out
Carry you Provide transportation
A spell For a short time
Dahntahn Downtown
Uptahn Uptown
Turn the corner down (or up) Just rearrange the words!
Throw the horse, ect. Refer to Supper's on the table...
Fixin' to rain Rain in the weather forecast
Potreys Potteries
Dyrection Direction
Sighgers, Kills, Green ware Pottery equipment
Long spell Extended time period
Paw paws Round fruit with a taste similar to bananas
Flahrs flowers
Pineys Peonies
Igles nest Eagles nest
Ahiya Ohio
Caleop Caliope
Skiff Similar to a canoe
Crik Creek
Shinny Up Climb, using knees rather than feet
Set a spell Sit and rest a short time
Geetar Guitar
Fiddle Violin
Flags Iris
Foot stompin' rhythmic tapping
Clogging Heavy tap dancing
Set down Sit down
Out of puff Panting
Fair amount Considerable
Birds are walking to foggy for flying
Fahring Firing
Raffle Rifle
Grinnies Tiny Squirrel like animals
Fetch Bring
Alumieum Aluminum
Youman Beans Human Beings
Feel to Sleep Self-explanatory!
Left off Stopped
‘Is or ‘At This or that
‘Tis It is
Yizzel Youse will!


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