East Liverpool Historical Society

This listing was found among the papers of the Late Glenn Waight which were donated to the E.L. Historical Society upon his death.


"Fawcettstown" founded1798
"St. Clair" laid out1802
First Tavern1809
Post Office established1810
Town re-named Liverpool1816
First School house1820
First steam sawmill1830
E. Liverpool incorporated1834
First Church building1834
Ashtabula RR project failed 1837
First ware made by Bennett1840
First railroad reached city1856
First oil and natural gas1860
First newspaper 'Mercury'1861
Gas first piped for fuel1866
First bank established1870
First bank failure1873
First white ware made1874
Thompson House built1876
City Hall erected 1877
Fire department formed1877
Waterworks built1879
First law officer named1880
"Review" began as weekly1879
First telephone in county 1881
"Lock-out" in potteries 1882
1st Riverview Cemet. grave1883
Great Ohio River Flood1884
"Review" published daily 1885
First trolley line opened 1891
Central Fire Station opened1893
Six-month pottery strike1894
Central School built1895
Chester Bridge finished1896
Rock Springs Park opened1897
Thompson Park opened1900
Carnegie Library opened1904
Ceramic Theater opened1904
First hospital opened1905
Fifth & Market Fire1905
Newell Bridge opened1905
H. Laughlin moves to Newell1906
Broadway Post Office opens1908
Old City Hospital built1913
YMCA Building opened1913
EL High School built1914
Fire Department motorized1914
Second 5th & Market fire1925
Pretty Boy Floyd slain1934
New City Hall dedicated1935
St. Pat. Day Flood (51.05')1936
Last streetcar run 1939
Last passenger train1947
Sig Snow' Nov. 24, (30”)1950
Last Valley Motor bus1955
Ceramic Theater closed1959
Diamond Fire1968
First Pottery Festival1968
New E.L. High School built1968
Kent St. moves to old ELHS1968
Chester Bridge closed1969
Fawcett Apts. finished1969
Rock Springs Park closed1970
Harker Pottery closed1972
3 unsolved Tweed murders1973
Fire at 6th, Washington1974
Last E.L.-Chester bus1975
C.H. Nursing School closes1975
New City Hospital1976
Last E.L. Wellsville bus1977
Randolph Bridge opened1977
Museum of Ceramics opens1978
E. End Freeway link opens1980
WTI invited to city 1980
Colt Crucible plant closes1982
City in fiscal emergency1982
1st ELHS all-class reunion1987
Task Force Fawcett starts1991
ELHSAA Tower dedicated1992
WTI begins operation1993
Travelers, Elite Diner close1996
Fawcett Phase 1 Dedicated1997


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