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1876. The area of Broadway, Union, 3rd street along with a little 4th and 2nd streets as well. Note the construction of the Thompson House which you will see again in this article. Matt Stewart ORL Blog

Closer to modern times, in this case 1923 Sanborn Fire Insurance map.

Southeast corner of East 3rd and Broadway. Naples Spaghetti House. The date of the picture probably late 40's or early 50's. MOC Collection

Northeast Corner of East 3rd and Broadway. Thompson Hotel. Inger Lloyd collection.

May 16, 1956 MOC Collection

As you can see in this picture which was before they began taking up trolley tracks in 1936 on the southwestern side of Broadway before the gas station and then the motel there were houses.

This picture which is late 1960's or the 1970's gives a good view of the Inn Town Motel. Also the houses along the south side of East third beyond Naples. MOC Collection

The houses next to Naples. If you look past the last house you can catch a glimpse of Patterson's cleaners on Walnut south of Broadway. Inger Lloyd Collection.

The North side of the street. Another picture prior to 1936. Those cars, one is parked in front of and the other is passing in front of the Thompson House.

The 1936 period when the trolley tracks were being removed and the street rebuilt.

A picture of the Thompson House probably from the 1970's.

This would be across the street from the Thompson House. Inger Lloyd Collection.

Inger Lloyd Collection.

The intersection of Walnut and East Third Street. This intersection ends the 400 block of East Third Street. This picture was taken from the yard of the Thompson House. MOC Collection

A little further east. The cross street there on the left is Walnut. MOC Collection

The end of a street, a neighborhood, homes, businesses, a portion of East Liverpool. This picture courtesy of Mike Gillespie.

In Limbo: 500 Block, East Third St.


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