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This article is under construction and will be updated as additional information becomes available.

A PLEA: We are addressing this to all East Liverpool HS students, student-athletes, coaches, teachers, school officials and parents to please help us with by providing any information, pictures we could scan and use (we would return said photos) for this series. We feel it is important. This is for the students and student-athletes. The East Liverpool historical Society is over 100 years old and while this site is only 6 years old, this summer (2013), all thinking at the Historical Society is this will be a site that will be around for a very long time. Thus we would like to make it as complete and accurate as possible and we need your help and cooperation in order to do that. Thank you.

Do you have any information? Why not email us at: j.a.alsion@gmail.com

The following format is based on the OHSAA state record book format. Over time we can adjust it to better reflect East Liverpool High School. In the meantime we will use it and we do hope that we can fill in the many gaps present with actual information.






Hits, Inning

Hits, Game

Hits, Season

Wendy Baker, (1988) 42

Hits, Career

Hits, Consecutive

Hits, Consecutive Games

Home Runs, Inning

Home Runs, Game

Home Runs, Season

Home Runs, Career

Home Runs, Consecutive Games<

Runs Scored, Career

RBI, Inning

RBI, Game

RBI, Season

Wendy Baker, (1988) 32

RBI, Career

Batting Average, Season

Wedny Baker, (1988) .483

Wendy Baker, (1989) .477

Wendy Baker, (1987) .442

Jennifer Koenig (1985) .507

Batting Average, Career

Stolen Bases, Game

Stolen Bases, Season

Wendy Baker (1989) 24

Stolen Bases, Career




Wins, Season

Wendy Baker (1989) 19.

Pam Comfort (1985) 16.

Tawny Broadbent (1986) 14.

Wins, Career

Wendy Baker (1986-1989) 49 wins*.

* School record at the time.

Wins, Consecutive

Shutouts, Season

Shutouts, Career

Shutouts, Consecutive

Consecutive Scoreless Innings

ERA, Season

Wendy Baker, (1989) .54

Wendy Baker (1988) 1.77

ERA, Career

Wendy Baker .

Strikeouts, Seven Inning Game

Wendy Baker (1988) 14

Strikeouts, Extra Inning Game

Strikeouts, DoubleHeader

Wendy Baker 25

Wendy Baker, (1988) 109

Wendy Baker, (1989) 117

Strikeouts, Career

Wendy Baker 226

Perfect Games, Season

No Hitters, Season

Wendy Baker ELHS v Columbiana 1987

No Hitters, Career

Wendy Baker, (1987) 1

No Hitters, Consecutive

Consecutive Innings without Walk




Wins, All-Time

Wins, Single Season

1988 20-8

Runs Scored, Inning

Runs Scored, Game

Runs Scored, Season

Hits, Game

Hits, Season

Home Runs, Game

Home Runs, Season

State Championships

State Tournament Appearances




Wins, All-Time

Most Innings Played

Perfect Games in Doubleheader

Games Played on Winning Team


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