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A PLEA: We are addressing this to all East Liverpool HS students, student-athletes, coaches, teachers, school officials and parents to please help us with by providing any information, pictures . stat sheets, record books, we could scan and use (we would return said photos, stat sheets, record books) for this series. We feel it is important. This is for the students and student-athletes. The East Liverpool historical Society is over 100 years old and while this site is only 7 years old, this summer (2014), all thinking at the Historical Society is this will be a site that will be around for a very long time. Thus we would like to make it as complete and accurate as possible and we need your help and cooperation in order to do that. Thank you. The sad state is stats/records for the girls sports, in particular, over the years were not always kept, that some felt girls sports weren't really important thus some stats weren't recorded. Those that were kept sometimes were lost or thrown away. It was mentioned to me that during the recent remodeling at the High School whole boxes of sports films and records/stats and so on where thrown away. It was mentioned by a couple of people that coaches came and coaches went and sometimes coaches didn't always turn records in. I notice in looking through newspaper clippings from years gone by that local newspapers now don't keep stats as in depth as some were in past years. The end result is, it is a very slow process. it may never be completed. It may never be totally accurate but that is no excuse not to try to make it as complete and accurate as possible with what information that can be found. This too is part of the history of East Liverpool, Ohio.

Do you have any information? Why not email us at: j.a.alsion@gmail.com



It appears this is going to come together like a jigsaw puzzle. A piece of information here, a piece of information there. Adjustments will be made as we acquire more information. The order will probably change in some instances, with more people added, and maybe some removed. To date (Dec. 24, 2014) We wish to thank Wendy Baker-Hoppel and Dr. Robin Sayre-Pietryk for allowing us to use their newspaper clippings from their playing days at ELHS. That allowed us to fill in not only some of their stats but also stats of others who played during the same time frame. Mary Davis, Jimmy Savage, and Coach Allan Dingey who allowed us to scan the record books from Coach Emily Reed's final year as coach of the Lady Potters and his two years as coach of the Lady Potters. Also AD/Coach Robert Shansky as well as several people who have sent us emails with information about various Lady Potters. ELHS WebMaster

Record Categories

These particular Categories came from an Ohio Basketball HS Basketball form I found on line.


Points, Game

Nikayla Edgell, 15, 43*

Nikayla Edgell, 15, 42*

Nikayla Edgell, 15. 33

Wendy Baker, 89, 31

Wendy Baker, , 28

* School record at the time

Points, Season

Nikayla Edgell, 15, 550

Wendy Baker, 89, 449

Nikayla Edgell, 14, 394

Nikayla Edgell, 13, 367

Lynne Wilson, 83, 348

Lynne Wilson, 84, 347

Abby Tice, 88, 325

Points, Season (average)

Nikayla Edgell, 15, 25

Wendy Baker, 89, 21.5

Nikayla Edgell, 15, 21.5

Nikayla Edgell, 14, 18.8

Lynn Wilson, 84, 18.3

Nikayla Edgell, 13, 16.7

Abby Tice, 88, 14.8

Amy Hutchman, 85, 11.7

Abby Tice, 85, 11.3

Lori Bowewrsock, 87, 11

Courtney Johnson, 89, 10.7

Points, Career

Nikayla Edgell, (2015), 1380

Wendy Baker, (1989), 1153

Points, Career (per game average)

Wendy Baker, 15

Field Goals Made, Game

Field Goals Made, Season

Field Goals Made, Career

Field Goal Percentage, Season

Field Goal Percentage, Career

Three-Point Field Goals Made, Game

Nikayla Edgell, 15, 8

Three-Point Field Goals Made, Season

Mary Davis, 13, 32

Nikayla Edgell, 14, 29

Three-Point Field Goals Made, Career

Wendy Baker, 89, 35

Three-Point Percentage, Season

Three-Point Percentage, Career

Wendy Baker, 89, 33%

Courtney Johnson, 89, 33%

Free Throws Made, Game

Free Throws Made, Season

Wendy Baker,Games 21, Ft-A, 96-156, Pct. 61.5

Free Throws Made, Career

Free Throw Percentage, Season

Mary Davis, 13, 81%

Wendy Baker, 89, 68%

Nikayla Edgell, 14, 66%

Courtney Johnson, 89, 56%

Free Throw Percentage, Career

Rebounds, Game

Kathy Disch (1979) 27

Kiara Cowart, (2014) 20

Abby Tice, (1988) 12.5

Rebounds, Season

Kristen Cowart (2011) 315

Kiara Cowart, (2014) 252

Caitlyn Davis, (2015) 178

Lindsay Baker, (2015) 172

Kiara Cowart, (2013) 160

Rae Ana Holmes, (2014) 154

Sarah Morrell, (2013) 132

Taryn Williams, (2015) 128

Candace Holmes, (2013) 118

Elise Smith, (2015) 104

Rae Ana Holmes, (2013) 101

Nikayla Edgell, (2013) 95

Lindsay Baker, (2014) 92

Caitlyn Davis, (2014) 87

Nikayla Edgell, (2015) 86

Ronnie Bailey, (2015) 72

Mary Davis, (2013) 71

Rebounds, Season (average)

Kiara Cowart (2014 12.5

Abby Tice, (1985) 11.7

Rae Ana Holmes, (2014) 7.7

Kiara Cowart, (2013 7.5

Kiara Cowart, (2014) 7.3

Sarah Morrell, (2013) 6.0

Rebounds, Career

Assists, Game

Assists, Season

Nikayla Edgell, 13, 81

Nikayla Edgell, 14, 80

Nikayla Edgell, 15, 78

Lori Bowersock, 86, 75

Wendy Baker, 89, 70

Chelsea Possage. 13, 53

Chelsea Possage. 14, 46

Lindsey Rose, 15, 44

Wendy Baker, 88, 40

Mary Davis, 13, 35

Ronnie Bailey, 15, 33

Taryn Williams. 15, 22

Assists, Career

Blocked Shots, Game

Blocked Shots, Season

Ceirra Moxley (2008) 130

Ceirra Moxley (2007) 111

Ceirra Moxley (2006) 94

Candice Holmes (2013) 72

Lindsay Baker (2015 45

Nikayla Edgell, (2015) 23

Elise Smith, 20

Blocked Shots, Career

Ceirra Moxley (2006-08) 335*

* will try to find out if Ceirra Moxley played that 4th year and if so did she block any shots.

Steals, Games

Steals, Season

Wendy Baker (1989) 135

Nikayla Edgell (2013) 81

Chelsea Possage (2013) 40

Chelsea Possage (2014) 40

Nikayla Edgell (2015) 30

Steals, Career

Wendy Baker (1986-1989) 291




Wins, All-Time

Wins, Consecutive

Points, Game

Points, Season

Points, Both Teams

Free-Throws, Game

Three-Point Field Goals, Game

Three-Point Field Goals, Season

League Championships

Eastern Buckeye League, 1986

State Championships

State Tournament Appearances




Wins, All-Time



Career total points. Wendy Baker's Trophey Ball enshrined in the tropey cases at the ELHS Potterfield House.

To be continued


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