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At 1:00Pm they began work on the back side of the Sherwin-Williams building. We were able to get onto the roof of the Antique Mall when they began to knock down the first floor commercial portion of the building. We got our first really good look at the exterior of the approx 130 year old house that Dr. Metz lived in and had his medical practice in for the first 60 or so years of the 1900's.

A closeup of the chimney on the western side of the house. This chimney is much shoter then it was in the early 1900's .

A closeup of the chimney in the back above what was apparently used as the kitchen for the house after the first floor had been transformed into a commercial building.

You can see all three chimneys in this picture. The one on the west side of the roof, the one in the back and the one on the east side of the roof. Also notice the window opening below and a little to the left of the chimney.

A little zoom lens peeking in that window.

The two men working on the front. Some more fun with the zoom lens from the roof of the Antique Mall. Time to get back down to street level and check out what is happening in front.

Back on the ground, since they had pulled down a portion of the flat first floor roof it exposed this which I photographed before going around front.

This was a landing of sorts in the back of the first floor commercial area.

Back in front. They are making progress as they expose more and more of the house inside in the overall process of demolishing the entire building. This is actually in the space the front three rooms and is showing the underneath side of the flat commercial roof.

A closer view.

This shows a little better view of the top of those front three rooms of the house (they were added when the commercial renovation was done between 1906 and 1912) and the bottom of the flat roof that covered the house.

This would be the doorway between the eastern most room in the front of the house and the middle room in the front.

The windows of the middle room.

Ground level in front looking into the first floor commercial area.

A lot of walking involved. In the alley behind again.

They are making progress.

Those things are called Corbels. We were told that they sell for 40.00 each at antique shows. There were quite a few left laying in the attic. We didn't know they were worth anything at that time. :O)

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