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Located in the heart of the highly industrialized Upper Ohio Valley, residents certainly thought themselves a likely target for enemy bombers. The city conducted its first announced blackout on 17 July 1942. Air raid wardens instructed people to shut off all lights, stay inside, and keep calm. Following the exercise the mayor proclaimed it a "one hundred percent demonstration of the city's preparedness to meet air raids." The excitement was apparently too much for air raid warden Veigh Chronister who died "at his post" of an apparent heart attack. Surprise air raid warnings were held intermittently during the next year. In March of 1943 a display of United States armament and equipment was held at the Winland Auditorium and visitors were invited to "experience" a simulated air raid in a bomb shelter complete with light and sound effects recorded in an attack on London.57

Young men of the city and the district participated more directly in the war as they volunteered or were drafted to fight in Europe and the Pacific. By mid-1940 East Liverpool "contributed" 3,058 men to the estimated eleven thousand who registered for the draft in Columbiana County. The entire city reveled in American victories in Africa, Europe, and in the Pacific or when local men such as Julius Resnick or William Grimm won silver stars in battle against the German army. It also had to grieve for men like Henry Devon and Floyd Stanley and the imprisoned Corporal William Bratt. East Liverpool Draft Board Records showed that 4,561 district men served during the war (4,147 were drafted) and ninety eight lost their lives. District manufacturers reported manpower shortages ranging from 6 to 40 percent with potteries averaging about 30 percent. Allied victory and the return to peace in 1945 were welcomed enthusiastically by residents. The Review reported "the town blew its top."58

The City of Hills and Kilns CHAPTER 8 - 1930-1950-137-138


On the back of the picture we have this: Apr 25, 1942. T. H. Larkins East Liverpool, Ohio. Originally posted at the Facebook site: Military Memories East Liverpool & Tri-state area. Those who served, their friends, families & admirers.


Courtesy of George Jackie Craft, originally posted at the Facebook site: Military Memories East Liverpool & Tri-state area. Those who served, their friends, families & admirers. Unfortunately the original poster scanned page 5 twice and missed scanning page 3.


Some Additional Glimpses of Life on the Home front

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