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A recent series of events has led to the creation of this particular article and thread that will follow. The events were the tearing down of the PNB building (Smiths's Auto Parts), a discussion and attempt to mentally recreate the old auditorium/study hall and the gym in the basement of the old high school, now the main building of the local branch of Kent state. Those events were followed by a discussion about these events which occurred recently at the ELHS Alumni Association building. During that discussion it was suggested that maybe we had learned a lesson. The lesson being to find or take photographs of the interiors of various buildings in East Liverpool before they are altered or the building is torn down. Thus we are seeking two things, existing photographs that we can scan and return to their owners and permission to enter some of these buildings to take photographs. One source we have been using are the ads sections of ELHS Yearbooks. They sometimes have interior pictures of some of the downtown businesses.

We appeal to those who log onto this site and or those who are members of the Historical Society who may have pictures showing the interiors of the various buildings in the downtown area of East Liverpool. It doesn't matter if people are present in the picture or not as long as the picture allows for a decent view of the room or space.

Some examples of what we are seeking would be:

We are also looking for exterior and interior pictures of the two buildings that were torn down on W 5th Street. The one beside the old Ohio Power Building and the one directly across the street from it.

  • Interior pictures of the old Review Building on Washington Street, the old post office on the corner of E 4th Street and Washington.
  • The second floor annex of the old downtown Milligans (E 5th st.) as well as The Ogilvie's second floor annex Any of the following:

    Often times historical pictures are of exteriors of buildings but people eat in, shop in, go into buildings and thus the interiors of these building can be powerful triggers to many wonderful memories.

    Near the end of September 2010 we were able to enter the old PNB (Smith's Auto Parts) building and spent about 2 hours inside going from the basement to the top floor taking about 75 pictures. So while the building no longer exists in brick and wood it still will exist in photographs. Unfortunately we have no interior photographs of the building in it's prime, so far at least. We hope that will change in time. Additional pictures were taken during the time it was being demolished--all together there are about 120 pictures. Not all can be posted here, there are just too many, it would take up too much space, but the best can be and we hope to find a online hosting site where all can be posted and could be linked to from the historical society website.

    One source we have been tapping is East Liverpool High School Year books. The advertisement sections sometimes contain useful pictures. They are harder to scan than regular photographs but they have proven to be helpful at times.

    Contact us at: j.alison@mail.com

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