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This article originally appeared in the History of the Fire and Police Departments 1900 by F. L. Fisher. Published in the Interest of the Fire and Police Relief Fund. Kemmer & Morris Publishers, Betz & Orr Printers.


IN COMPILING the History of the East Liverpool Fire and Police Departments the Publishers are obliged to give only the bare outlines and concise data of the present day. The formation of the Departments are of too recent a date to have extensive memoranda of conflagrations and crimes, and it has been judged best to omit all mention of them.

Well may the people of East Liverpool feel proud of their Fire and Police Departments, as they are as perfect organizations as are in existence anywhere to-day.

In the performance of their duties the firemen are often called upon to face as great dangers as confront the sailor in the gale-maddened waves of the sea, or the soldier as he marches onto the field of battle. The satisfaction which comes from duty alone is his sole reward. In no other city are the firemen given authority to make arrests, and it was a wise act that made the firemen of this city Special Police.

What body of men could be in closer touch with the community than its police, and yet there has been no page devoted to their valiant deeds, not a line to perpetuate them to posterity. Absolutely nothing in a connected way to tell of their existence, or the important part they act in the protection of the people, the maintenance of order, and the enforcement of the law.

The object of this work is to enlarge the Relief Funds of both Departments, and the members thereof one and all heartily thank the merchants, manufacturers, and citizens of East Liverpool who have so liberally contributed towards that end.

This book is compiled and published in such shape that it will be preserved and cherished by those who possess one. In after years it will bring joy to the hearts of those who knew the City Administration as it stands to-day, for herein will be found pictures of the Mayor, City Officials, members of the Fire and Police Departments and of many prominent buildings.










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