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Fernwood located on the East side of Beaver Creek downstream from Grimms Bridge. -- Timothy Brookes

Ferwoond was the summer retreat of John Taylor who was the "T" in the K. T. K. Pottery Company. He was also one of the founders of Taylor-Smith and Taylor Pottery Company. He had frequent outings at Ferwoond for family and guests. One of those guests before and after he became President of the US was William Mckinley. (Paraphrased from information from Scenes if Little Beaver Creek By Gary Winterburn pg 110

McKinley and friends fishing. 1891

Fernwood at it looked before 1900 Scenes of Little Beaver Creek By Gary Winterburn pg 111

This pool was always the largest and deepest between F-town & the river.

Grimm's Bridge approx 1900.

Later Time Period

This picture was taken in the 1900s. While this coal tipple wasn't really assoicated with Fernwood it can help give a feel for the area as well as perhaps help locate Fernwood in people's minds.

The coal tipple was part of the Glasgow Railroad and was located on the west bank of Beaver Creek near Island Run. ( downstream from Grimm's Bridge) The sole purpose of the line was to obtain coal that was mined on the Pa. side and then transferred across the creek in suspended buckets to the tipple. The coal was used to generate electricity for the streetcars. The Steubenville and EL Railway acquired the short line in 1908. The so-called Island Run electric line was used until 1917 when C.A. Smith found that he could purchase cheaper power downriver. They mined the coal on the Pa. side of Beaver Creek and transported it on a 1500 foot cable system to the tipple. You can make out one of the buckets at the top. The woman on the coal Tipple is Indiaold Shurte Porter (1890-1931) Information provided by Timothy Brookes, President of the ELHS.

Current Time Period

Scenes of Little Beaver Creek By Gary Winterburn pg 111

This shot is looking upstream. The creek goes to the right & Grimm's B is just around the corner. Rt. bank was Fernwood? Bobby Moore.

Same pool as Winterburn photos. Looking upstream, Fernwood on th right. Bobby Moore.

Downstream, Fernwood on left? Bobby Moore.

Bobby Moore

Bobby Moore

The large pool in the bottom right of this picture is my best guess for the approx. location of Fernwood. Don't know when the road & bridge were built. It could have been accessed by the rail line that ran up the valley to service the coal tipple. Bobby Moore

The old Y&S coal Tipple, abandoned for many years. Scenes of Little Beaver Creek By Gary Winterburn pg 117

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