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This list of mayors from 1834 to 1996 was among the papers of the late Glenn H. Waight which were donated to the E.L Historical Society upon his death

1834 Phillip Cooper

1835 Sanford C. Hill

1836 John Patrick

1837 William Devers

1838 William Morris

1839 John C. Young

1840 Robert Fawcett

1841 Josiah Bagley

1842 John Blakely

1843 Josiah Bagley

1844 Abel Thomas

1845 William Moore

1846 Jonathan Purrington

1847 William Morris

1848 (no record)

1849 John Blakely

1850 A. H. Martin

1851-53 Gilson Verner

1854 W. B. Orr

1855-57 Thomas Croxall

1858 J.R. Bagley

1859 John Smith

1860 John Goodwin

1861 Enoch Bradshaw

1862-63 William Vodrey

1864-65 J. D. Ferrall

1866-67 Gustavus Pepin

1868 William Vodrey

1869-73 Thomas Croxall

1874-75 Gustavus Pepin

1876-79 M.H. Foutts

1880-81 A. H. Clark

1882-83 John Burgess

1884-87 John Burgess

1890-91 John W. Hall

1892-93 George Morley

1894-97 A.V. Gilbert

1898-99 Charle F. Bough

1900-02 William Davidson

1903-1904 W.A. Weaver

1905-06 Wm. V. Blake

1907-10 Samuel W. Crawford

1911-12 Dr. R. J. Marshall

1913-14 V.A. Schreiber

`915-16 Wiltsie F. Orr

1917-22 Joseph F. Wilson

1923-24 Charles Brown

1925-32 Ralph Benedum

1934-37 O. Earl Greenwalt

1938-39 Lee Copenhaver

1940-43 O. Earl Greenwalt

1944-45 Arnold Devon

1946-47 O. Earl Greenwalt

1948-49 Harry C. Smith

1950-53 Arnold Devon

1954-55 E. Allan McKeever

1956-57 Arnold Devon

1958-59 Fred Lawrence

1960-63 Bert H. Goodballet

1964-65 Merrill D. Hall

1966-71 George Willshaw

1972-75 Norman Bucher

1976-79 Howard Tullis

1980-83 John Payne

1984-87 Norman Bucher

1988-95 James Scafide

1995-96 William Devon

1996- Delores Satow

The above is the last as it was among the papers of Glenn H. Waight. To bring that list up to date we have added the following:

1996-2003 Delores Satow

2004 to present James P. Swoger


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