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Third Floor

The third floor had small rooms like the second floor, just not as many. The third floor had a unique and impressive additional feature. That is what we will focus on here.

The most unique aspect of this floor in found inside these double doors.

First however, a nice view of the outside of the closed doors showing the lovely wood.

Same view, a little closer.

The inside of one of the doors. Inside of what?

The inside of this room. Not being members of the Elks we are not sure exactly the purpose of the room but it was quite a large and beautiful room. This is looking from the front (fifth Street)to the back of this room and the Elks Building. This room is basically directly above the auditorium that is found on the first floor.

This is the opposite, this is looking from the back of that room towards the front of the building and this particular room.

This is the back of the room. Notice the piano that appears in a couple of the other pictures as well. Not sure what the balcony was used for, there is a another picture of it coming p.

A part of the ceiling with one of its fans.

A portion of the west side of the room looking towards the front of the room.

A portion of the east side of the room showing port of the front of the room as well.

A nice view of one of the lights. This is on the back wall below and to the east of the balcony.

A good detailed look at the ceiling and how it was put together.

Another closer look at the balcony.

Miscellaneous pictures

A interesting light fixture from some place within the building.

A state of the art electrical panel at the time the building was built.

One of those small rooms used for storage of all things, toilets.

Time to close the curtain and end this show.

Thompson Building


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