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A small world in many ways. In November 2011 we received a email from Nancy (Durst) Adkins. The small world aspect of this story is that Nancy's father was Don Duffy. Don Duffy who was Bob Duffy's Cousin. Bob Duffy was the former Sports editor of the East Liverpool Review. Bob spoke at the ceremony when Nancy's father was inducted posthumously into the ELHS athletes HOF in 1996.


Nancy's senior picture.

Good morning, My name is Nancy Durst Adkins. I am from ELO and was hoping I could be added to your site as a woman who served in the US Navy. I graduated from ELHS in 1967 and enlisted in the US NAVY as a WAVE. I went to boot camp in Bainbridge, MD and from there I went to Hospital Corpsman School in Great Lakes, IL. I served in Naval hospitals as a hospital corpsman in the labor and delivery wards of the hospitals in Great Lakes and Pensacola, FL. When I enlisted, there was an article in the Review that stated I was the first woman to enlist in the armed forces since WW 2. My parents were Don and Mary Duffy. Thank you for your time and consideration. I appreciate your web site. Nancy

Good morning, I'm attaching my WAVE photo and also my wedding photo. I met my husband in Great Lakes. We were married in uniform at St. Aloysius Church in ELO on Dec. 28, 1967 while on leave from "A" School.

I joined because we had a career day in the Spring my senior year at ELHS and a Navy nurse came and talked about it as a career choice. That is all it took. I always knew that I would be a nurse and adding a military component to that seemed perfect for me.

I enlisted in June 1967 and was honorably discharged in November 1968. We married in Dec. 1967 and when found out we were going to have our first baby (due in April 1969). The Navy made you leave the service as soon as your uniforms did not fit. I made it 5 months into my pregnancy and left service with a heavy heart. Of course, I wanted our baby, but, oh, how I loved the Navy. That wouldn't happen today and rightfully so. Later I got a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Middle Tennessee State University. I worked primarily in Labor and Delivery and retired from the Rutherford County Board of Education as a School Nurse. I am a registered nurse, an RN with a BSN. Thank you! Nancy


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