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INFORMATION FOR THE FOLLOWING 4 PHOTOGRAPHS From the Helen Pickering Doherty collection. Helen wrote: The "photographer" was my maternal grandfather Albert McMillan, 1890-1966, of Bradshaw Ave. (The info on the back of the photos was written by my grandmother, Helen McMillan.)

The southwest corner of Market Street and Summit Lane.

Helen Pickering Doherty: Someone mentioned Cook selling newspapers in the Diamond a week or so ago. According to the info on the back of photo, this is Cook on the far left, Sunday, Aug. 8, 1954. My grandmother also wrote "New fountain in the Diamond".

Helen Pickering Doherty: Nice snapshot of the "new" fountain in the Diamond, Aug 8, 1954. Fairly decent pic of stores in the Little Building in the background. Love the way the water is cascading.

Helen Pickering Doherty: Village Green Tavern and the Odd Fellows sign on the side of the building.


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