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From the second floor to the fifth floor, the space looks pretty much the same. They are pretty much cavernous empty rooms. So I won't always state this is such and such a floor unless there is something different about it.

The sixth floor is different in two ways. First the ceilings which are the same kind of ceiling as the lower floors was never painted. Thus it is pristine as the day it was installed. Secondly the walls are bare brick which is quite attractive.

The Seventh floor, ah yes, it is quite different as you will see when we get there.

Turning directly to the left from where the above picture was taken you would have seen this.

The people elevator. There was a freight elevator as well but it looked to be boarded over.

Moving up to the second floor.

This was the second floor. It was used for storage as well but not nearly as much stuff on it as the first floor.

Notice that green metal siding?

This what it looks like from the inside.

Stairs to the third floor

Third floor looking towards 5th Street.

Some examples of the Woodwork in the Crook Building

We have already presented some examples of the great woodwork on the first floor in this building. What follows will be a few pictures of that woodwork from some other places in the building. b

Crook Building 3


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