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Mrs. Earl outside her room 501 wishing good luck to one of her graduating Spanish class students.

One of the classrooms in the Central Building was used to teach drivers education.

That course came with a real car that was donated by a local dealer. (Just a little humor).

Ohio Highway Patrol frequently sent one of their officers to speak before the Driver's Ed class at the High School.

Perhaps a dastardly deed is taking place in the bell tower.

Mrs. Earl's 10th Grade Spanish class?

Science Class. Looks to be perhaps second floor, Northwest corner room at some point in the 1950s.

"As for the picture with the odd desks--those were Mrs. Earl's desks for her Spanish class. I believe they were installed in 1962 or 1963. I remember when we were using them, they were brand new and Mrs. Earl was just learning how to use them. Mrs. Earl's Spanish class was on the NE corner of the first floor."

This picture is from Viet Nam era, 1966 -1968. ROTC even at the High School level.

This appears to be the yearbook office, or could be the Keramos Echo office.

Also perhaps the same yearbook or Keramos Echo office This should be room 605 in the 1961-64 time frame.

Central Building 4


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