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Magic Lantern #115. Dresden pottery where Bergner's filling station was.

Magic Lantern #116. Brunt Pottery on Walnut. Later National American Paper Products

Magic Lantern #117. Union Cooperative Pottery Fifth Street and Walnut. Later site of Arcade Building and at present location of Auto Agency and Firestone store across from Bus Terminal.

Magic Lantern #117 and 118 is not present. Magic Lantern #119. Chester Bridge from West Virginia side. Long building was a freight station.

Magic Lantern #120. Scenic view of Chester Bridge from Ohio side. This bridge is since been removed.

Magic Lantern #121. 1894 The ferry Ohio Neville. Chester Bridge being built in the background. When picnics were held at Rock Springs Park the ferry carried passengers upriver to and they then walked over to the park. No amusements at that time.

Magic Lantern #122. 2nd St., West.

Magic Lantern #123. Hotel 2nd St., Elks Convention

Magic Lantern #124 Fifth out the diamond.

Magic Lantern #125 The last log cabin built on Bradshaw Avenue. 1804. Later became a pest house for contagious diseases.

Magic Lantern #126. Diamond out W. Market St.. (Dresden Avenue)

Magic Lantern #127 missing from set.. Magic Lantern #128. Flood March 15, 1907.

Magic Lantern #129. Long Runs UP church Calcutta

Magic Lantern #130. This picture is also posted out of sequence. Smith's ferry from Georgetown.

Magic Lantern #131. Neiler Photographer.

Magic Lantern #132. Market Street and 4th St., West. Salvation Army Barracks.

Magic Lantern #133. Andrew Carnegies uncles' home in the East Liverpool Ohio. Carnegie stayed here some times.

Magic Lantern #134. Andrew Carnegie

Magic Lantern #135 - 137 is missing from this set., Magic Lantern #138 California Pottery - McDevitt & Moore Pottery

Magic Lantern #139, not included. It is a very poor quality duplicate slide of the steamer Virginia being loaded with barrels of China. The same slide of a far better quality is Magic Lantern #29. Magic Lantern #140. Little yellow Creek.

Magic Lantern #141. Jethro Hollow Bridge.

Magic Lantern #142. Beaver Creek.

Dr. Birkett's Historical Slides of East Liverpool, Ohio 7


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