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We aren't sure who all the people in this picture are but we can name some of them. At the far left is Barnard's mother. Beside her is Berenice Thompson. The other two girls are Barnard's sisters, Leta and Rose.

Some of the same cast of characters. Front row on the left is Berenice, the other two girls are Leta and Rose. The guy in the back on the right is Barnard.


Barnard was a member of the varsity basketball team at ELHS. From the 1910-11 Keramos.

From the 1910-11 Keramos.

In Berenice's photo album, in the handwriting of Berenice, probably, we find this with this picture above: First Caps and Gowns of ELHS, 1911.

Notice the absence of the Mary Patterson Building. It wouldn't be built for another 14 years.

A picture taken from the Vol. III East Liverpool, Ohio December 1911, No. 2 page 22 of Keramos shows high school students attending an assembly in 1909. The Picture is captioned "High School Assembly Room in 1909". As the population of East Liverpool increased, the Central Building hall was subdivided and renovated to provide additional classroom space.

In looking at the picture note that is appears to be two rooms with a wooden beam at the ceiling between them. Below the beam you can see a handle. That handle allows the pulling down of wooden slats which form a wooden blind that would separate the rooms making them two rooms instead of one overly large room. We have no way of knowing what floor this room is on.



For anyone who is interested in seeing more of the school of their day check out Central Building:


There are internal links that take you to each part of the Central Building series.



Berenice Thompson is on the far left.

We think that is Berenice on the right but not totally sure. At any rate they are standing in front of the Central Building or perhaps in front of the Former Potters National Bank or as we knew it the Smith Auto Part Building.

Berenice and some of her friends on the Central Building grounds.

Perhaps returning from eating lunch in town.

Brother and sister, Rose and Barnard.

Ahhhh, errrrr, Ahem, moving along now. :o)

Bernice wearing Barnard's Varsity ELHS Sweater.

You can catch a peek of the Basil Simms house behind the girls on the right and a view of the Homer Laughlin home on the left.

Homer laughlin home on the right and Masonic Temple left of it.

A better view of the Simms home.

Berenice's photo album. Her youngest Dau, Janie S. Jenkins, put a stichy note with this picture with an arrow pointing to the girl with her hands up on each side of her head and a cryptic notation: "Mother of course." :O)

There are several houses we find Berenice in front of. We are still trying to identify who may live in each. This is one of them.

Apparently downtown somewhere.

Two High School Graduates, 1912, 100 years ago and our town in their time 3.


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