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Due to a sagging metal ceiling, a result of long-ago roof leak, it was necessary in 1993 to take down the metal ceiling panels and remove a large quantity of crumbling plaster. The ceiling was then replaced and painted. The wallpaper was replaced in 1994.


In 1991 we painted all the woodwork and replaced the wallpaper. In 1996-1997 a new metal ceiling was installed.


Roof leaks required us to replace the ceiling in 1992. New wallpaper was added in 1993. The room's plumbing was replaced in 1996-1997 through the music room ceiling. In 1998 the circa 1960 shower stall was removed but left a problem with our tile floor. Dave Johnson of Summittville Tile came to the rescue and produced custom ceramic tile to replace the old tile.


The Ladies and Gentlemen of Polite Society renovated the old grape arbor. By 2009 it had deteriorated again, along with the grape vines, and both were removed.


Having decided to retain the floral-print wallpaper, we had new carpet and crown molding installed in 1992. The ornate Victorian bed was retrieved from the attic and used in place of two twin beds dating from the 1940's.


In order to display the Heidel Collection of local pottery, the eastern-most room in the attic was patched and painted in. New shelves allowed the long-boxed collection to be displayed. To carpet the room we used the remnants of the living room/dining room carpet.


In 2005, to allow clean storage for clothing, hats and Christmas decorations, we patched and painted the west room in the attic.

PANTRY - 2001/2002

After partial projects over the years, we installed a new countertop, carpet and wall cabinets in order to have a useful office/storage area.


In 1994 the long boarded-up windows on the north side of the room were opened and new glass installed. During 1996-'997 the room was a disaster area as we had to cut open the ceiling to access the plumbing in the "new" bathroom. Once that was done new paint and wallpaper applied in 1998.


The former "TV Room" was renovated in 2004 with a new metal ceiling, paint and new wallpaper.


In 1994, the old wallpaper was removed and the oak mantle stripped on many paint layers. Carrying over into 1995, we removed the added clothes closet and replaced it with an antique armoire that was found in pieces in the tower. New carpet and wallpaper in 1995 completed the job.

Thompson House 6


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